My Actifit Report Card: May 18 2019

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Today's competition is, post your score and i will pick 7 winners. lol

I have this app on my phone called Pretty Random and will set numbers between the highest and lowest score and see what comes up in order. :)

I thank you to all the people that have supported me, i will be taking a break for awhile. not sure when i will post again. I will still be around, and will pop in from time to time.


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12370 bro! I will look forward to your return!


It's possible you may not be interested in the same topics I am, but here are some of the authors I follow that interest me. Some of them aren't that popular, so the votes won't be high when considering curation returns, but I have a weird approach on it as I see curating as a means of saying thank you to the author with most of my votes.

1- @valued-customer. He does do some resteeming, and posts sporadically. He is one of the deep thinkers and his comments alone can often be of more value than many posts authored on the site. He also is often a target of the bern downvote which can leave the vote worthless monetarily.

2- @theouterlight. Something is glitchy for me voting his account lately as I am always an early voter and his posts reach great rewards yet it says I get 0 for curation. However, if you can get in early and it sticks this one will be a nice reward for curating. The added bonus is he does some good journalism. I used to cover a group (VOP) where I lived who is combating child trafficking and he was one of the few journalists (not local) that covered them without selling out.

3- @samstonehill. If you are interested in spiritual ideas, this blog is a good one. He walks a lot of his talk and will share his doings and findings at times, as well as discuss ideas on his posts. His posts are undervalued in my opinion.

4- @earthcustodians. Her blog involves deep journalism, and really makes you think. While not agreeing with 100% of her opinions, she has made me rethink many things as she reports on dynamics most journalists wont touch. Her method of sharing is not the typical angry truther and because of her presentation invites one to examine their own positions without getting defensive.

5- @jnetsworld. This one I always vote on. Her posts are somewhat of a diary of her life as a music teacher and her general life situations. I featured her early on in my time here in the pay it forward contest, and to my dismay she has never really gotten much of an audience. I understand why, but I find her posts endearing (much moreso than say the actifit type posts i am sharing this with you on :/) She also has this thing she does where she will post the title and a picture, then say story to follow and then come back in the next day and write up her post.

Those are 5 real quick ones. Hopefully one or more of them will capture your interest in a good way. Thanks for asking.

I got 15553 actifit steps.

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My count was 14,028 steps today. Enjoy the break mate thanks for letting us know as we would have been worried what happened to you. Hope you will be back with us again soon👍

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Nice count today Chief. A break? This is not like you. Anyways I respect your decision, but will really miss those your punch liners. Lol. I wish you the best always, do have a deserving break, we'll really miss hearing from you but a break is what we can't deprive you of. Enjoy yourself Chief, remember, we'll always be here waiting for when you come back. Cheers.

My count is 18592

All the best mate. I managed to hit just over 10k on my @holozaps account. I'm astonished I did, given the extent of my piriformis / hamstring pain!

10905 was the exact count.

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I got 19,211 yesterday 😀
we'll wait for your return sir,
Be safe, God Bless you & your family! ☺

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Hi @michealb
Nice count of 10055 today with actifit.

My today's count is 16022 with actifit and I have posted it just now. Thanks and have a great weekend.

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got ya

hey @michealb
see this you asked me about the authors misuing bots and for those who are getting downvotes on good and original content also...

Got wrong downvotes.. -- Please fix.
An article on what govt. doing to remove space junk from useless satellites.

If you are fine then i can send you a lot of users misusing the bidbots also but not getting downvotes.
and if you don't want me to disturb you then let me know

ok will look into it. this afternoon, just woke up lol. did you pay for the buildawhale vote?

yeah i did..

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that is why you are getting downvotes. paying for bots is not supposed to be a cheap way of buying steem, there should be a cost for promotion. that is what i believe and so do some others. Some are now setting benificieries to null when they pay for bots and recieve no downvotes. others just expect a few downvotes, does this make sense?

but i think 3 hours of study for a post deserves 3 steem or 50 cents..
dont you think so @michaelb

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yeah go buy it on the market. you and everyone else including me do NOT deserve anything from the reward pool.

My score yesterday was 10547. it's 3 pm here, so the end of the day is still far.
I understand if you want to take a break, sometimes I do too. Have some rest and have fun :)

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Have a good rest and come back quickly!
I'll be pending when you post.
I'll miss Steemit's lego.

Sorry to see you go for some time :( I will post my score later on the day.

10281 steps for me.

I posted some other things today that you don't wish to see :)

A break wont hurt too much, enjoy!

A break from all the walking :D
Enjoy the time off.

What you could do is put a bunch of weird activities in a hat and play pretty random each day to wee what you will get up to.

yeah sick of walking, lol

you should get one of those hoverboard-y things with wheels.

ha just googled it. yep sounds like a plan!

And if you work out how to get the fitbit counting the steps(bumps) then you are on to a winner!

hey tarazkp if i upvote a comment on this post that was written two months ago but comment is new - does the commentor still get the upvote rewards?

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

yep. Each comment is also a post, so it is on the comment time, not the top level post time.

thank you, exceptional service

No worries mate.

☹ No gargoyles for a bit then.
Hope you have a good break.

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Hi, I have a big one today ☺️
22461 🏃👣👣👣

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hi friend, i hope you can rest and come back soon

my actifit yesterday was 11058

Great job everyone!

There is a lot of great numbers being listed. My 5706 at the gym pales in comparison.

175 steps today lol, i didn't go out


We need you to post more. @michealb. Miss your Appics Pic

lol. maybe one day

Smile. I am your fun anyways. I got your back. Lol. That's why we need people like you here on the blockchain platform to put people like us through the staircase 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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hope all is well with you dear , maybe you're just getting some rest offline. come back soonest , Godbless you more


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@michealb 👍

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Hi @michealb, you haven't made a post for a long time, what happened. Hope you are fine and may God bless you.

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still here. im taking a rest from posting. currently looking for stuff on steem i like

I'm worried about you, usually you just don't make a post a few days, but it's been more than a week.

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will prob be another 3 - 4 weeks. not in any rush.

I look forward to your new post

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Do you power down all steem power?😁

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naw not yet. there is some things i like about this place. will buy more if i can get cheap enough. maybe on june 1st

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where are you?! :P
i take brakes from actifit posting tooo :)

im around, i'm taking a break from actifit blogs and looking for stuff i like, to add to my feed.

@michealb, good that you're around! :)
have a good time!

Can I ask you to review your downvotes here? @steemauto

Thanks for asking, it's an automated post, post rewards help steem auto and auto voters voting on it. If i was using steem auto i would expect to pay you directly in liquid steem or as steemworld did, apply for SPS funding ?

if you plan to change business model soon or i am out of line let me know and i will stop downvotes of steemauto posts, other wise i may continue from time to time.

I know what you mean. We don't like to use rewards as funding for steemauto but it will take some time to change this system. Especially after recent HF, we post every 2 days instead of daily posts.
(Also, posts seem to be automated but actually I publish them manually every 2 days)

In the end, it's your stake and you can do whatever you want. Thanks for your kind reply.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Is this the kind of content you hope we'll see more of? Because yes, with this payout it looks like you'll do even better in hf21. Definitely one of the reasons I oppose eip, though usually I wouldn't care about this content. I just think it's an especially profound reminder that EIP will not mean that the best content will rise to the top, no offense.

And I really do mean no offense. I don't think you posted this thinking it was great content. Perhaps you even posted this thinking that you had to in order to get author rewards, which I see that you get from some very big accounts. But there are authors out there right now who are putting out, at the very least amusing content who don't get noticed by big accounts and who won't get noticed by big accounts, but who have a few dozen dolphins and minnows following them who like their work, who will suddenly be left behind by the new rewards curve. Shouldn't we encourage users with 500 SP to stay active voting on the platform? Shouldn't they be able to, with a dozen others, see their votes count? As it stands, EIP will nerf votes on content that isn't worth 16 Steem. The only content that currently gets that kind of value is botted (or friends-with-whales) content. I see no reason for that to change.

50/50? Fine, not the end of the world, and if it really does get whales to curate, great. I'm doubtful, but that's its intention.
Free downvote pool? Fine, it will get abused, but will the benefits outweigh the negatives? We'll see. Laudable goal.
But the rewards curve? Getting accounts to keep all their SP in one place? Seems like the negatives outweigh the positives here. Seems like all the niche content will get swept away while once again content about crypto becomes the only content on the platform as people do nothing but chase votes rather than writing content that appeals to their audience. It's not a healthy ecosystem.

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just my thoughts on what i'm doing. don't really give a fk about what others want / think as i cant control their plans / challenges etc just my own.

All my previous posts have high rewards from vote swapping and self voting. I also made my best curation by upvoting shit i wouldn't bother to read.

I'm for Hf21 and doing what i need to do to reward posts i like by buying more steem.

Tribes may be your best hope for niche stuff, my own voting patterns have changed based on steemleo, and sportstalk.

50/50 will get me voting again - have 100k plus of steem that i'm vote selling. got wrecked in ROI by manually voting on others, doing the 'right thing' well it wasnt the right thing for me

downvotes - cant wait - will downvote posts such as all of mine and stop the autovoters just leaving votes on popular stuff :)

i'm happy to put my trust in the witnesses decision and will adjust as is. not interested in what others may or may not do. happy to wait and see.

What are you doing / going to do different (if any) is what i will be interested to hear about.

Honestly, I don't think I'll do anything differently. I'm not sure what that will do to my state of mind, but right now I'm using Steem in a way that makes me happy. Upvoting comments I like and lame jokes. It's fun and that's what keeps me here. The pennies are a nice way of seeing that I really am rewarding others. If those go away, maybe I'll use it less, I dunno.

I really hate the mindset that goes along with trying to wring the most financial value for myself from Steem, rather than embracing it as a place where I can reward content I like. It makes me feel icky and bored and frustrated all at once. I worry that this change will incentivize that behavior and then Steem will be associated with negative feelings and I won't want to be here any more... and that others will feel this way, and also leave.

I really don't know.

{ but right now I'm using Steem in a way that makes me happy} - there you go, beautiful! nice to be reminded why i'm here lol

i'm thinking what makes me happy and is fun will align with financial value better so i don't think about it.

i see your point about the 16 steem thingo -not sure what it really means though.

Seen this, might try and see if i can test it. maybe overcome some fud.

Hi, thanks for the award, it really excites me.
I'm also making an adoption for Actifit, which is one of Steem's best dapps. I'm doing an Actifit contest with the new people I brought to Steem.

I'll be back when I have a smart phone because it got damaged: D

a hug

Dear @michealb

I just visited your account to see if you published anything new only to realize that you seem to give up on Steemit? :(

Hope you're not done with this platform yet.


haven't give up, just stopped posting until H21 comes in. got sick of making ROI by vote swapping, self voting and peoples 'fake' comments just to get votes lol. i'm still here. biding my time by mainly vote selling hahaha :)

Hello @michealb

hello levycore. hows things?

I see you are no longer active in posting, Can I rent your steempower?

i'm waiting until after the HF21. Then will either go back to posting or just curate, haven't decided yet. Not interested in renting, but thanks anyway. Id like to double my position cheaply myself :)

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Sorry, I missed out that day your post.
My count was 7371 that day

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lol maybe next time.

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Great count .👍
Reset is must time to time.😇
Reading post quality time spend.👌

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My today step 16517

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got it

Hi Michael

I'm writing you on behalf of a group of Steemians who recently started a discussion and decision-making forum for STEEM-Investors. And we would gladly see you joining us!

Is there a way to reach you on Discord?


sent you a message on discord

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