The APPICS token is here! The new version of the Appics app has a wallet and supports ...

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... the APX token that you can simply earn by using the Appics app and having fun. It came out today! Go check it out! APX is also tradable on Steem-Engine. Beware though that everything you post with Appics will also be displayed on your Steemit Blog and will be subjected to #newsteem rules. But man! how cool is this. One of my favorite Steem apps is now tokenized! I’m over the moon! The pic btw is me in the gym. You can find me there 5 days in the week again while I once again am trying to get myself in shape. I’m combining it with intermittent fasting. I also haven’t had a beer in 8 days. I’m suprised I’m still alive! One last thing. I believe tokenisation and communities are the future of Steem and not earning STEEM. That phase is almost over. Therefor don’t be afraid to be ahead of the herd and try new things, earn different tokens on Steem and just have fun! All the best!


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Please tell me you didn't skip leg day.


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Boom! Great news, and Great to see the workout vibe again! !trdo

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It's ok to work the legs once in a while too, just saying.... :D

haha, fair enough! I do work them but a bad knee prevent me from going heavy. So I do a lot of light exercises/repetitions instead. I have accepted it unless you have some good tips.

No. To be fair I haven't been in a gym in the last 10 years so mine is all natural. That and my ankle is shot so can't do much of anything with it.

Seems we are both falling apart! lol.

Looking good man! Wish Apppics was on iOS though.

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It is! I'm using it on iOS. It's in testflight though.

Cool! Who can I contact to get onto TestFlight?

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I would suggest the Telegram group:

Thanks! !SHADE 1

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Oh yes finally the new version is out and we can vote with APX too!


I appreciate it

Does the appics app use the steem blockchain? So if you post to appics it will auto post on steem too?

Yes, it uses the Steem blockchain.

Thanks for the info.

Good to know that.
Can you please share the link, as I can't find the same on play store.

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Yeah! Finally exciting that Appics is kicking off!!

Unbelieveable... how can you still alive without beer in 8 days...???

Is the Appics app in the play store yet or can you only still install it by visiting their site? I have wanted to install it, but I have been hesitant in the past to install things that don't come directly from the play store. I think this is awesome though and there are going to be a lot of people taking advantage of this. I hope they can make some changes so the posts only show on your blog if you choose for them to.

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