I love dogs, no matter how bad they get they always seem to find the bright spots ...

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... in life. Trevor is now almost 14 years old. He’s on heavy meds for about a year now to help with his Arthrosis and even though he stumbles and falls while walking and and also can no longer professionaly pee against a tree it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He just gets on with it. The other day my aunt (doctor) was here. She looked at Trevor and I said that he might be getting older but atleast his eyes still shine bright! (they do, like little diamonds!) She laughed and said ‘his eyes are not bright he got the worst case of cataract I ever seen’. FFS...the poor guy can’t catch a break. Anyway...not that he cares..currently there are more important matters to attend to in his life. There is a female dog in heat in the park and it got him all riled up. Even at 98 in human years that interest apparently never goes! Good! Enjoy it old guy you deserve it!


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have you tried diatomecius earth
that is great for arthritis and digestion just make sure its food grade for animals
its better than feeding him drugs from the doctors that give him more problems in the long run
i have three dogs and could not live without them

Thanks for the suggestion I'll check it out.

But I don't really worry about the long run tbh. At 14 he's getting on and he seems to have fun still. As long as he's happy I am happy.

A year ago he was in so much pain, he almost could not walk. I was very worried, but those meds from the doctor's literary brought him back to life. I'm very grateful.

yeah one of my dogs his back legs were giving out and i gave him the earth and he was running within a couple weeks
the medications from the doctors ruin their liver and kidneys as do the medications that the human doctors give us
a shame really
glad your dog is doing better and i just added you to my followers and reposted your article about the pooch

Dogs are the best friends. They are so loyal and loving. They notice when you feel down or happy ☺️ I miss our beautiful lady ❤️

Dogs truely are a persons best friend, I love this peaceful shot! Our dog Brain passed away last month and will be sadly missed...He brought so much unconditional love and happiness to all of us!

I'm sorry to hear that Karen. That's really sad.

You are right though. Dogs do bring unconditional love and happiness. I love dogs.

He has got your cool vibes. Cheers.

I think he has even better vibes.

It's really difficult to watch them get older at times. Our beagle, Amstel, will turn 11 this December. He still has lots of energy but he's definitely starting to slow down. Amazingly, we still walk about 5 miles a day.

5 miles! Man, that’s amazing. Go Amstel! Trevor can do a round in the park and that’s about it. It is difficult to watch them get older but it’s part of life and every pet owner sadly has to go through this eventually.

Yes, sometimes a bit more if it's warm or a bit less if it's below freezing. He's a trooper. As long as they're still enjoying life it's a good thing. Cheers to Trevor!

Dogs are the best animals!


As pets 100%!

haha, that is pretty awesome that he is still so active. Like they say the mind is willing but the body is not able. I am not looking forward to the time my dog has trouble getting around. She is 10 this year and she still acts like a puppy.

Haha, I also feel like Trevor never grew up. Still a young spirit at heart.

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@exyle, nickgrujic is quite right about the DE and it being good for a multitude of stuff. You might also try CBD oil maybe with a little thc in it. For the inflamation of Arthritis you could also try about a half baby asprin (helps reduce inflamation and eases pain)
The most important stuff though, you are already doing, never stop loving your family brah,,,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Poor guy! That reminds me of my dear old dog who died a few years ago, she was 16 and very stiff and had some other issues but still had the strength to keep moving every day. I think that's the key, as long as they can keep moving and walking around they can maintain a fulfilling existence.

He still walks 3 times a day. Just short distances than before :)

This is a great post! Go Trevor ❤🐶 What a sweetie. I want to start using Appics but I don't see where to login with my Steem account and start posting. Could you please help point me in the right direction @exyle? I tried downloading an app from Google Play but still no dice 🤔

Thanks! He is a great dog!

I would suggest asking in the Appics Telegram group. They can help you out there. I don't think Appics is in the official store yet.


👍 great idea! Thanks so much. 😊

I also like dog a lot
here is my dog photo.

Nice dog!