Short Bitcoin if you’re Brave!! 🐻

in bitcoin •  2 months ago  (edited)

Seems like BTC always has weekend price shenanigans, get ready to buy the dip!!


Check out Bitcoin Price Live below!!

Double Bear Flags!!

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 1.29.36 PM.png

BTC Time to Short??

This chart looks as Bearish as ever, be careful out there this weekend, looks like a high probability of more big drops on the horizon!!

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Thank you very much for forecasting the bitcoin price.
You post after 7 days. i want you more active.
You(@coininstant) are very fantastic analyst.


Thank you very much for submitting a forecast for bitcoin, good luck in trading

Hola @coininstant, Si hay que ser valiente… Pero un valiente con dinero.
Hello @coinstant, If you have to be brave... But a brave man with money.

wow, amazing analysis

I was embarrassed to see the BTC immediately dropped 14% after I left a comment to your previous post celebrating it rocketed to 10000+

I wouldn't be embarrassed, that always happens with Bitcoin! Once sec it's to the mewn, next sec it's to the core!!!

Discouraging NO!!! He's grabbing Impulse...

Desalentador NO!!!! Esta agarrando Impulso…

Yep i'm trying to drive BTC as low as possible cause i want to buy some more!! lol

The value of bitcoin is decreasing. thanks for sharing

This weekend Bitcoin probability of more big drops and the right time to buy. Thanks for sharing.

Yes exactly!! Be on the lookout!!

thank you for warning me,I also expect a fall

What do you think about Zilliqa ?


It looks really good! I always look to pick it up more on dips, bought some a while back, always seems to pump!

Wow! So glad to see your post!
Things have been rather crazy lately! I mean last week it was the big debate about a blacklist of people who posted on both platforms. Luckily, a big debate rejected the idea, so the blacklist was stopped. I think they should prevent scammers and dishonest people who actually cheated behind people’s back instead of that crazy blacklist.

Some of the contests have ended because the initiator found out about cheaters who stole others’ work to gain several prizes! But this still goes on in some other contests. Very bad karma!

Hope you are doing very well.

Too much disrupting vibes around the world. This pandemic impact is starting to bite harder for so many people. I am afraid of social unrest in the near future.

Please post your analysis more frequently!
I am learning, very slowly.


I might be willing to short at $10k and cover at 9500. lol

Yeah it was just a weekend thing, I saw a bearish trend and decided to make a post. If it breaks 10500 watch out, the mewn is the limit!!

I actually shorted a bitcoin with an option that night before the drop! I settled it at the bottom, made some quick gains. I should have taken a screenshot when it was up, was late literally in the wee hours of the morning before it expired! lol! It was a rush, however I am a bitcoin bull. I short to hedge and lock in my gains. Lucky I took my profit because as we see Bitcoin ended up spiking!!


What trading platform are you using?

On that trade it was Binance!!

I have purchased a few crypto in past two days. you are right great time for purchase.

Yup, when the shorts are active pushing price down is a good time to dca!

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