Currency Wars anyone? Opt out with Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin is the lifeboat...

When the rest of the world is sinking, there is only a few lifeboats available...

One of those is bitcoin.

The US has embarked on what could end up being financial suicide by hiking rates at such a rapid pace and with such great size that the rest of the world's currency markets have gotten absolutely pummeled.

Do we really think they will sit by and do nothing?!

Nope, not at all!

Here's the latest:



The dollar has been crushing every other currency and killing the exchange rate.

Once other countries start responding, bitcoin probably does well, but more than that it offers people a way to not participate in these games.

Why should a handful of people decide the economic fate of the world?!

Seems like a decentralized system run by math is a lot more fare to me...

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