Technically we have a breakout...

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 

Bitcoin has technically broken out...

It's not really off to the races, at least not yet.

Bitcoin recently had a breakout that may spell more price gains ahead.

It broke out of an ascending triangle pattern to the upside the other day and it likely to be looking for more gains:



The measured move from this thing would take prices up near $28k but there is room all the way to about $30k on the chart.

Should be a fun next couple weeks for bitcoin, even if there is some consolidation.

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I'm thinking over the long term,
It doesn't even matter the price is 18k or 28k,
The thing we should focus on is,
" we are in buying zone"

I feel there is god mighty stop for price increase at $25500, also at that level mostly all altcoins would be at their resistance, showing a very bearish scenario in the near future.


More gains to Crypto Culture🔥. Reshared🔁

Definitely going to be great curve. I love the chart and the projections, still holding my bitcoin securely on the decentralized App from, for the near future.