Do you know how huge is the Crypto Derivatives Market? (Very)

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Hello Steemians!

Do you know what Derivatives are?

It is basically a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on an agreed-upon underlying financial asset (in this case, cryptocurrency). In contrast, while normal (Spot) markets trade the coins directly, Derivatives trade contracts based on the coins rather than the coins itself.

We have prepared some easy to understand visuals to explain how 2 types of common Derivatives, Futures and Options, works.



In traditional financial markets, the derivatives market is huge, with the total notional amounts outstanding for contracts estimated at over $500 trillion. To put into perspective how much money that is, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States in 2017 was $19.4 trillion. In other words, there's 25 times more money in the Derivatives Market than the whole of the U.S Economy.

Crypto Derivatives

With the explanation to serve as the background, you may wonder "What is the size of Crypto Derivatives?"

Here's where we come in!

We have recently started tracking Crypto Derivatives and is now providing you with live updates on the crypto derivs market. Feel free to check out the page here!

We believe that Derivatives will usher in a new age of crypto activity and bring in more participants to the crypto trading industry.

Open Interest

One interesting metrics in Derivatives are what is called Open Interest, which refers to the number of contracts or commitments outstanding in futures and options trading on the exchanges at any one time.

This is a better way to track Derivatives activity rather than looking at plain Volume itself.

Can you guess which exchange has the most Open Interest?


What do you think about Cryptocurrency Derivatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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Can you explain why the SBD price on CoinGeko and shown on Steempeak is $0.35? Is that real, where is it coming from?

There are huge discrepancy and volatility in the SBD markets right now, as you can see in the market page here at

To be honest, this is an edge case scenario, HitBTC's trading volume of SBD at $0.30+ matches the remaining exchanges which traded at $0.60+, and because of this SBD is both priced at $0.30+ and $0.60+ at the same time, since both are traded at that price in different markets. Our Trust Score algorithm ended up favoring HitBTC's data based on the metrics it has which is why we are showing $0.30+


Holy fuck, $ 500T is legit amount hahaha. Do you think there's a high chance for crypto to gain momentum and take over traditional market?

We cannot say for certain if Crypto will take over traditional market. More likely it will spin out into its own thing, offering everyone a choice to opt out of traditional finance and into the decentralized permissionless network that is cryptocurrency.

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Awesome and informative post, thanks for the info. I am going to resteem this so I can come back to it later, and to spread the word too ;)! Thanks @coingecko for all you for the space!

..thx for this information..I have to inform myself more about this stuff.. anyway, up.. follow you..