Post Promoter Curation Initiative - Weekly Curation Report #1

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I would like to welcome everyone reading this to the very first @postpromoter weekly curation report! As you probably know, @postpromoter is a paid content promotion service on the Steem blockchain platform which helps connect passive investors in Steem Power with content publishers who wish to promote their content to the Steem audience.

While I believe that the availability of paid content promotion is helpful for the Steem platform (more on that here), it's also important that not all content is paid promotion, and that high quality content is rewarded and encouraged.

With that in mind, a little over a month ago I created the @postcurator account to run a new curation initiative for the @postpromoter service. Every day a portion of my personal earnings from @postpromoter are sent to the @postcurator account and used to buy significant upvotes for high quality content posted on the Steem blockchain.

"But Matt", you say, "how on earth do you have time to find high quality content every day while you're supposed to be building the Steem Monsters fighting system?!?" Good question - I don't have time, which is why I'm happy to introduce the Head Curator for the @postpromoter Curation Initiative: @crystalhuman!

He has done an excellent job over the past month of finding and supporting top quality content on the Steem blockchain, so please go check out his own Steem blog and show him some love and support as well!

Without further ado, here are the posts that were selected over the past week. Enjoy!





Take a peek and discover some Reggae-Fusion tunes produced by @omardrea and his friends. Creative, original, and melodic beats born in Venezuela.




Recently returning from a short steemit hiatus, @dexterdev is back with a new molecular dynamics exercise. Technical, professional, and well put together. Thanks for providing the steemit community with such highly detailed and excellent quality material.




In this post, @i-juggler demonstrates how humankind plays certain games, how they are played, and why. A pleasure to read, informative and well written. For those interested in psychology or just acquiring knowledge, go give this post a look, you may be happy you did.




Are you enlightened? From ordinary to extraordinary, there may be more to it than you think, follow along with @skyhooks and learn the scientific differences between varying types of enlightenment.




Take a trip back in time with @julioccorderoc to learn about ancient Arabic/Muslim technology, agriculture and more.


Congratulations @omardrea, @dexterdev, @i-juggler, @skyhooks, and @julioccorderoc! Your excellent posts were all chosen by the new curation initiative of the @postpromoter content promotion service to receive a free upvote!

These posts exemplify the type of great content that we at @postpromoter enjoy reading and would love to see more of on the Steem platform. Keep up the good work!

If you would like to show your support for this initiative, the Steem Bot Tracker, and Steem Monsters your vote for @yabapmatt as Steem witness is helpful and much appreciated!

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WoW that's really a good move for promote Quality Content. Thanks @yabapmatt for this step.

@postpromoter @yabapmatt
Can it is possible to know the reason for blacklisting by @postpromoter? So that i give my point to you.
If this is not possible to disclose the blacklisting reason that please reply with this is not possible to give the reason.
Or you can reevaluate the reason.

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Here's a basic guide to composing photos - maybe try making an effort with your images before botting them to $200 in the future.

How to compose a photo

Hello sir, @postpromoter, @yabapmatt,

These men (@mrsadman and @zaku) are getting big upvotes and raping the reward pool very badly. If you will look at their posts then you will know that they are just recording a game video. If these people will get big upvotes just by posting game videos (Crap) then original content creators will get nothing. It is highly requested please ban him and also ban all others who are scamming and raping the reward pool.

Thank you.


You have received an upvote (from @rycharde) and a resteem (from @accelerator) as part of the new MAP Trail initiative to support curators.
You can see your entry here; although I also selected a newer post from @traciyork.
You have been added to the Fanbase on SteemAuto and will be supported with further upvotes.
You are also being followed by @accelerator and may receive further upvotes when your article is added to another of our "curated curations" posts.
All of this is free and part of MAP's mission to support quality content creators by supporting curators.
You may help support the MAP Trail by either upvoting, resteeming or delegating to @accelerator...
... or just upvoting this comment :-)

Please let me know whether future posts will come from @postcurator or not. Thanks.

Very good initiative my dear friends, the truth is that I was surprised to see that I was chosen by you. Thanks for the support and I hope to continue giving you what you want to see.

Thank you!

Excellent content and an important initiative, encouraging quality content on Steem. Keep up, @postpromoter! Cheers

Hi postpromoter I am new please support me and give me Upvote

I hope it will become successful.

Already is ;)

Hlw postpromoter....
you have a nice account...
please vote my post....please please....
I will give you upVoute each vote...
please please give me one vote
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you are just awesome man. love you.

Thank you, i like it, and how to joind you thank you

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congratulations @ postpromoter / for the great work they are doing on the platform, especially the beneficiaries of the week
Keep up the good work

Got valuable information from this post.


Over sir you have done a very great job keep up doing it every comedian and the whole family of the steam it will be with you I continue because I also with you

Hi, good to see this. Will be happy to add this to the MAP Trail of curators run from the @accelerator account, but one question: will the 2nd report be posted by @postcurator or a different account?

Cool, thanks! Planning to post all of the reports from the @postpromoter account.

You got a 53.98% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @postpromoter!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Excellent @postpromoter

I like @postpromoter, may I use postpromoter tags on each of my posts?

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it's an important initiative thanks for that

Dear Sir, @yabapmatt and @postpromoter, Sorry to disturb you. I sent you 5.02 sbd for this post but I did not receive upvote nor refund. My post was showing at bot tracker but I did not receive the upvote.

This is my post link

@postpromoter , Good & Important initiative Bro, thanks .

How i promote my post ?

HI!! post only in english???? applies spanish speaking post??Greetings from Venezuela!

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