Who do you think the most underappreciated author on Steem is?

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Outside of yourself, who do you think is creating fantastic content but is not being seen or rewarded for their effort?

Are they new or have they been here for a while?

I am not looking for users who are constantly powering down and selling.

Hit me up in the comment section with anyone you think is struggling and putting 110% effort in.

  • What do they post about?
  • How long have you been following them?
  • Do they engage with others?

One thing that needs a lot of work on Steem and I really hope communities help with is discovery. Trending is not for everyone, and there is only so much room there. Many good authors slip through the cracks and are lost in the tidal wave of spam.

I don't usually ping people, but I think you might also be looking for undiscovered authors to support.


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@steemchiller is the first that comes to mind.

He is very underappreciated for the enormous service he provides for the community. STEEMWORLD is the most important app of them all in my opinion. Without it, I would power down and leave. I use it every day.

He is struggling to get paid the costs of the necessary server every month.
He can't even afford to run a witness server, because this would lose him 40 bucks every month in the beginning...

If this is true that’s a shame. I use Steemworld daily as well and throw him love with mostly all his posts. Which isn’t super often.

Get with it folks!!!!

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Yes it is true. I think he should do a proposal to let the reward pool pay for his expenses, at least for a year.
I upvote every post of him and sometimes even donate a few steem, but not enough people do it.

I think he WE should do a proposal to let the reward pool pay for his expenses, at least for a year.

Agreed! I had to modify the quote with a 'WE' instead of 'he' ...we certainly should do way more as a collective. :)


@minismallholding is everything you're looking for. Detailed, quality posts about homesteading on a small, residential block; homeschooling her two girls, and community building on the chain.
She works tirelessly to encourage and support genuine newcomers, and has shown nothing but wisdom and kindness in the 2 years I've known her online and then in person at the Adelaide meetups.

This only just pinged up in my partiko notifications (they must be starting to work again).

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She's a writer. Romance-based novels. And she also does photography of places she travel as well as some cooking-related posts.


A handyman. Posting variety of DIY content from homesteading, practical household maintenance, and sometimes STEM stuff.

Thanks for the mention!! It is much appreciated! Cheers

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Posts about country/western history
Random interesting stuff
Redneck jokes

I have been following him for about a year. He helped me get into steemit and showed me how to find my way around.
I think he hs been here almost two years.

Most interactive person on steemit.

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Love me some @janton as well.

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lol! Thank you sir blewitt, feelings mutual!

he is always in the top of the esteem leaderboard. Super active guy.

Howdy sir badger! oh you are too kind! I do get around but I don't think the quality of my posts are very high, usually I'm just playing around. lol. But thank you so much for the support and the kind words!


He's a Polish photographer who posts high quality landscapes and seascapes. I've been following him for a few months. He doesn't engage much but his work is worth much, much more than what he has been getting except for a few of his last posts that were discovered by @curie. I'd keep an eye on him.

@wojtczak.photo has put out a lot of posts that have earned ridiculously low rewards for their quality. He is not at least currently powering or transferring anything out.

He appears to be a professional photographer whose web page is this:


There are a lot but one of 'em is gotta be @apolymask. I haven't seen a more honest, down-to-earth, and incredibly good conversationalist on Steem. He is also the host of a contest series called the @IFC in which he gives opportunity to authors to display their talents.

His posts are usually an expression of his opinions and ideas along with some incredible photography.

I'm 100% sure that he's not here just for the money. He genuinely loves interacting and sharing ideas with other people.

Just take a look at his comments. He actually takes his time to carefully read and share his views on people's articles. I've had some of the most thoughtful discussions with him and even though he might not agree with something, he still respects other people's opinions.

The guy is legit. If I had to vote, it'd be him.

Aw. Shucks. Thanks for the nice words my friend. That made me a bit emotional. I just wish I could do an even better job as I mentioned in one of my last messages to you that I can't even keep up with it all sometimes. I know there's a number of messages from you specifically that I've been unable to get back to, but I really do my best and it has nothing to do with money because I do the same thing on the other social media platforms I'm on where I make no money. I just think it's the right thing to do and I would like to be treated like that so I do my best to treat others with respect as well.

I think I should leave a comment and give you a shout out on this post as well since you're similar and you put out a lot of high quality content and engage with your audience in a great way. You deserve more attention as well! Thanks again for the kind words and for brightening my day.

When @enforcer48 sets his mind to it, he can churn out some pretty cool stuff. I vote for him.

Account: @plantstoplanks

Genre: gardening and cooking
Account Age: 2 years
Powering up: yes
Effort: yes
Engaging: yes

True to her name she first grows and gathers the food. Afterword she prepares and plates it to make it look nice. You get more than just a couple of photos you get a story. Quite a cool concept between the name and the content.


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Just now seeing this, but you've got me humbled once again @enjar! Truly appreciate the shout out. I will definitely continue doing my best to pay the good karma forward!

@natubat get's very little attention but I have been supporting her for the best part of a year. She's been gone for a while but has just come back.

I know for a fact she's invested when the price was higher but doesn't get the recognition she deserves for her work.

She's a crazy hiker, climbs mountains in the Scottish highlands and presents us with great detail and maps. She's also a big commenter, something which as you know, is going to recede now.

I second that!!!!!

You've never steered me wrong before sir-chops. Sounds like something i would enjoy... thanks for the tip.

She's got some hike material ready.., what's more she goes up these monster's alone and pitches tents.. madness! but I love it. I don't have the balls to do such things, though I try and climb the lesser ones when the weather doesn't suck here.

I'd like to mention a couple of names from the natural medicine tribe..... they're pretty consistent with content that is high quality IMHO:

@riverflows, @alchemage, @nateonsteemit, @porters, @binkyprod, @walkerland, @artemislives, @crescendoofpeace, @owasco, @mountainjewel, @trucklife-family .... there are so many more, I'd have to go find their accounts to ensure I get their Steem account names right....

Aaaaw - thank you!! x

Checkout some of these authors.. I enjoy their content all the time..


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Thank you for the mention. Just notice this post. I'm relying on @partiko and it's app seem to ne having some problems lately.

Thanks for the mention @bitrocker2020 really appreciate the shoutout!

@silviabeneforti is a great artist that had been here for a long time she doesn't get a huge support but her stuff is awesome.

@ginnyannette writes incredibly creatively but again struggles for support.

Thanks for thinking of me @meesterboom.

No worries, lass!

I have a long list of Venezuelan steemians who have been posting for almost two years, post almost every day, post quality content and are wonderful people , and yet their posts make only cents. Some of them post only in Spanish, some in both spanish and English.

@lecumberre should be the most underappreciated. He posts poetry and about the spanish language (slangs, sayings, grammar issues).
@adncabrera is one of the most knowlegeable scholars in hispanic literature that I know. She is an accomplished writer, poet, and artist and has been posting in English lately. Her husband, @rjguerra is also an accomplished writer and critic. His post are making very little lately.
@marlyncabrera and @sandracabrera are some other bloggers whose work has been grossy undervalued. @marlyncabrera writes poetry in English with the mastery of a native speaker and she is an authority on the tecnicalities of poetry writing. She also writes about children's literature.
Thanks in advance for any innitiatives intended to support undervalued steemians.

I was about to nominate you, @hlezama, and so many #freewrite and @Freewritehouse members, I can't list them all. @wakeupkitty, @owasco, @girlbeforemirror, @redheadpei, @myjob, @fitinfun, and more - so many more!
Some, I believe, are already recognized, like @improv, but I'm not taking time to determine who is most under-appreciated at Steemit. Do we show enough love to @wonderwop, @d00k13, @marblely, @saun, @chireerocks @scribblingramma
@kaerpediem @mariannewest @wandernrose7 @iamraincrystal
@whatisnew and...
Need to go find a list! Can't rattle names off the top of my head!

Thank you very much, @carolkean. The whole PHC team is the right place for any curator to bring their SP. I also wanted to thank you for your generous contribution

@crescendoofpeace is an all-time favorite - her haikus and homesteading stories and life lessons, the amazing stories, the sister she lost, the Holocaust survivors in her neighborhood in one of the many places she lived.... I could go on and on.... truly one of the kindest, most compassionate, intelligent, cultured, humble, and well rounded Steemians I've met. And @quillfire. And and and....

At this moment we do not show enough love to most of them. I think they all left or are busy or perhaps active in other communities?

For now (thanks connection) I will slow down too. I can no longer load posts full of pictures etc and only answer replies shown by @partiko.

So I am kind of handicapped if it comes to Steemit and engaging.

I wish you all a great Sunday with 💕 and who knows time to write 😁

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You may slow down - post less, comment less - but you'll still be on my mind. And if you have longer stories to send me, I'll read and comment! Message me at Facebook or Twitter - "Am I being flirted with by a pscyhotic rat?"

And you have to throw your name in there tooooooo
Thank you so much @carolkean ❤️

Hi! Thaks for your consideration, my dear friend; I should've nominated you :( but I've been away and busy...

Outside of yourself, who do you think is creating fantastic content but is not being seen or rewarded for their effort?

There's a lot of people I could pick, however, to keep it brief I'll mention four people. @ayushjalan @bengy @irvinesimages @leaky20

Are they new or have they been here for a while?

I think they've all been here at least a year.

I am not looking for users who are constantly powering down and selling.

I'm not aware of any of them powering down and selling though admittedly I don't watch their accounts that close.

What do they post about?

@irvinesimages mostly just posts impressive photography which I think deserves a lot more attention. And the rest of them really vary, they cover a lot of different subjects and I think they are generally very professional in their approach. @bengy posts about music and video games and personal things going on in his life, @ayushjalan posts about travel and philosophy and science and many other things and @leaky20 also posts about travel and dreams and psychological stuff, and those are just a few examples as they really cover a broad range of topics/subjects. I'm thoroughly impressed with the skill, writing and style of all of them.

How long have you been following them?

This also varies, some longer than others. Some less than a year, some longer.

Do they engage with others?

Yes. I think they are all great at engaging with others and I'm pretty sure they respond to all or most of their comments. I don't check all their posts so I can't say 100% for sure, but from what I have seen in the past they all seem to do a really good job of interacting with their audiences.

Sorry for the late reply. Life's been getting the best of me lately.

Anyway, thanks for the mention :) Really appreciate it man!

@thekittygirl puts some real effort into her posts as well as helping out in a lot of communities
Enjoy some !SHADE 2

To learn more about SHADE visit the SHADE forum or come join the fun at PImp Your Post Thursday in The Ramble discord

I think @Crosheille deserve more attention. She make an incredible job for the needlework monday and her sewing work is incredible and she explain very clearly how she make this or that piece :)

I'd suggest you really have two separate categories here @themarkymark, since "underappreciated" is a pretty open-ended idea.

One is the "established and possibly well-known, but don't enjoy the success, recognition or following commensurate with their efforts and contributions" and the other would be the (for any number of reasons) "largely undiscovered" authors/content creators, who could be new or old.

In the first category, I'd suggest @janton whom someone else mentioned, too... creates high quality original and interesting content. I also recommend @simplymike who does an enormous amount of work helping newcomers while also publishing quality content, all for very modest rewards... even though she often gets 200-300 votes per post, they are all from small accounts. @themanwithnoname creates consistently and has for a long time, and still lives in relative obscurity. Somewhat better known but still undervalued — given the amount of effort she puts into community building — would be @jaynie, even after 2+ years and 1000+ well made original posts she makes less than $2 on many of them.

On the more "undiscovered, but unique" front, I like @krazzytrukker, the blog of a long-haul trucker traveling the US with cats in the cab; artist @lucydyer who shares all original work...

Very good points @denmarkguy

Not sure if I said ** Thank You.!!** for this.??

Power Scrolling with tired eyes in the limited time I do get on here, leaves me missing great mentions like this. Sorry if so....

Seems my life is a perpetual "Cat-Chup" and we are always running behind......

"Catch-up" hmmmm...???

Might be a good title 4 our cuturday post...?

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Who do you think the most underappreciated author on Steem is?

This is a really difficult question to answer with some medium equanimity & accuracy. But nonetheless, let's give to this a shot.

I fundamentally think, that the most underappreciated author on Steem is actually that one who is still to be discovered.

In more than three years that I have been wandering over here through the most hidden and sordid alleys of the steem blockchain. I have tripped over countless underappreciated authors. And without caring or paying attention to what others did, I prepared to support them with everything I had at my disposal.

Not much indeed. But basically a few humble cents with the strength of my weak SP upvote, enriching interaction and above all, showing inquiring interest on the unique topics developed by said authors with well thought, inspiring and provoking comments.

This was indeed a discouraging solitary task. Watching, that even when I tried to resteem a great deal of their posts, no one seemed to show interest in joining my efforts to avoid that these singular authors give up sharing with us their unequaled and very well underappreciated content. But yeah, I'm aware I'm a pretty twisted bird and I recognize that my tastes are equally twisted in terms of content to consume.

Therefore, I only said goodbye to them when they informed me that they would leave the platform and would go to play their fantastic muses/music elsewhere. Yeah, I did all I could. but clearly it wasn't enough.

However, I still have the hope that one day they will return even if it is just to say hello and greet me.

Their usernames among many others:

  1. @tarig.anter
  2. @francesleader
  3. @shookriya
  4. @yallapapi
  5. @anonymint

he post about his life, work, steem, dapps, blockchain, running
His posts are very didactic in any of the topics he deals with, he is also critical and acts accordingly, reviews his votes to the witnesses and explains his reasons.
he promotes steem and running through a project the @runningproject
and most importantly its SP growth is almost pure organic, I have not yet seen it power down, take care of its surroundings and his engagment is excellent

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Pretty sure a large portion of them don't fit this category. Many of them have a lot of support.

Pretty sure a large portion of them fit this category. Many of them don't have a lot of support.

Not every post made by everyone in your feed is made by putting in 110% efforts. Infact, very few are there in the entire steem who can said to be serious about the platform. Rest are getting no visit on their blogs by the whales(I think mostly votes are automated forever!). Means, rich will become more rich!

Myea that might be true but they sure put in more effort than Marky's alts do so was just a suggestion to look in there and curate once in a while. Many of those accounts were not making anything before I started following them and many were also not making anything before they got whitelisted to @ocdb and now bots front-run their posts, etc.

If the requirement is 110% for Marky here to start curating people post HF then it's a bit over the top.


I enjoy the fiction he writes. Mainly installment-fiction, just like how Dickens wrote his novels first in installments for newspapers.

Been following him for years now.

Yes, he engages.

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I'll add: you can see from his >100 votes that he has a lot of support from people who know he's there, but none of them are whales, and especially in this hf21 world, that means the appreciation of hundreds of people is worth less than the attention of even one whale.

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Yes, yes, @felt.buzz and @kaelci and @byn and so many I haven't seen around lately.
And always @raj808 - great writer and great Steemian!

i'm also looking so thanks for this post.

May I suggest another one?


@ellenripley not nearly as good as @wojtczak.photo but she earns practically nothing and that's way too little. I've followed and supported her for a few months. @ellenripley has improved her skills in photography lately. I think she should get more support than she's currently getting.

Will look into her profile now

Great topic. I haven't been around for a while so I'm not sure who's still here but there were a lot of us grinding back around a year ago. Interested to see who makes this list.

I am going to throw @phoenix32 up there. He is one of the earlier folks I brought onto the platform that has actually toughed it out. He is brutally honest about his own struggles and shortcomings which I feel is brave to throw out there. While him and I disagree on a lot of his religious writings, he offers rare insight from time to time on what it's like to be in the Seminary. He is doing all the right things and outside of @curie, he goes unseen.

The first three that comes to mind:

deadspace have not been posting lately though, but I honestly think that all of them deserves more recognition and rewards.

You may want to define underappreciated. Some suggestions are featuring authors with around 100 votes and earning over $4, and that is certainly not a lot, it's much more than most undiscovered writers here.

Brandon Ferdig @fedoraonmyhead has been producing consistently good quality, thought-provoking posts for years and I'm really surprised that he doesn't get more upvotes. I'd like to see more of the kind of real life reportage that he does on Steemit.


Some of the best writing I've ever read, definitely the best I've seen on this platform lately. Very insightful, enjoyable, small snippets of life that go deep. She's already been mentioned here, so I second that.


Also worthy of mention. Philosophy and insights about life and human nature. She's fairly new to the platform.

Both of these writers engage with people who comment on their work and are very supportive of the community.

Thanks so much! Those words means a lot to me.

Yes!! @ginnyannette
One of my favorites, too!!!

Hi @themarkeymark I have seen lots of authors who are contributing their part on this platform . But small authors are not appreciated to their work. I'm on this platform since 2018 but till now I'm not get noticed I always try to create good quality content but I don't get nothing for my appreciation. I always try my best to bring quality in my post except my actifit report card. Can you please review my page if you find it good so you can move ahead

I think @fitinfun is one of the most underrated authors on Steem. She posts multiple times daily and is constantly posting very helpful material for small fish. She has shown great agility and adapted well to many, many changes here. I will recommend that any and all support her as it will help many.

I recommend @theonlyway. He makes portraits in watercolors and in my opinion, his drawings are very good and are not valued according to his effort. If you want you can see his drawings.

He is animator and have stayed for 2 yrs.

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"Outside of yourself"

Also an animator

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Credo che questo post sia un modo bellissimo di dare la giusta importanza e pubblicità ad alcuni autori. Io stesso ho avuto modo di conoscerne alcuni davvero capaci e attinenti ai miei interessi.
Un saluto, nicola

I think this post is a beautiful way to give proper importance and publicity to some authors. I myself got to know some of them really capable and relevant to my interests.
Greetings, Nicola

Italian community @miti and @fedesox

Forgive me for my English

Ammo.com is trying out the water.

i struggle with concept of what is undiscovered on steem. is a 1$ on steem undiscovered? or is 5$? or maybe someone that is constant but gets nothing? when curie (or 3speak now) comes i feel discovered when not well :D
a lot of people i follow are here for some time and are in that 1-5$ so not sure

@papa-pepper is still the hottest steemians on the Blockchain. As much as he's appreciated, he's still under appreciated.

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@borjan is fairly new here and posts some incredible wildlife/creepy-crawly photography around which he creates imaginative little narratives. He's always entertaining and it looks like he puts in at least 110% effort with both his posts and engagement.

Just based off this recommendation, I gave him a follow! Sounds interesting and I’m looking for some new quality people to throw a little love to.

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Great stuff. I'm sure he'll appreciate it, now more than ever. (don't mention the hardfork)
Since it's rather quiet here lately I too have been looking for a few more accounts to follow. Phoenix32 looks interesting, as do a few of the other recommendations.

I am most definetly the most under appreciated author.
My posts just cant seem to break 0$ for some reason.
I dunno what to do.
I call out exyles and Slowies circle jerk and i get flagged. Then exyle stops circle jerking and someone else takes the credit.
Fyrst goes mental, i point it out and then i get blasted with downvotes while you and whatsup tickle his bum on steemchat to calm him down and take the credit.

I need them votes man. Get me in the blocktrades, theycallmedan rotation.
I gots to have some votes!

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@deadspace doesn't post very often, but when he does it always cracks me up. I think if more people paid attention to him that the incredible content that he creates would come more frequently.

His content focuses on wonderfully-edited video-game stuff and also just general humor. It's quite, how do i say this.... adult-themed? But also meant entirely in jest. It's just wonderful.

He is my favorite content-creator on all of Steemit

Holy shit, I can fucking comment again. Praise the sun or some shit like that.

Aw, man. You just made my asshole pucker up with how cute that was. Appreciate the kind words, bud!

I would be posting more often, but I've just been dealing with a lot of lame IRL stuff as well as fighting off some kind of illness in the last week and a half. I've got a few posts planned for when I don't feel like a scrotum that has been cursed by The Blair Witch though.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I would suggest @northwestnomad. He is posting his original comics on Steem and just makes cents. I discovered him shortly after he joined late last year. I am one of his few commenters, but he nearly always responds. He is sticking with Steem despite the small rewards.

He is one of several comic artists I follow and most make very little really. This is the sort of content that keeps the average person coming back each day. Most are not interested in cryptocurrency. There are other comics I enjoy that are not on Steem and we should make it an attractive place for them to join. I'd love to see xkcd, The Oatmeal and others here. @joyoftech were here, but gave up.

@northwestnomad is a great suggestion and someone I probably wouldn't have noticed without your putting it here. Thanks for the tip!

Happy to help. I hope he gets a few more votes and comments. People need encouragement to keep going.

That's a good one @northwestnomad - Just had a quick look at his profile. Cool.

@tarazkp and it’s not even close.

He is getting a good support. In fact he is in a position to support himself and if needed, others!

I’ll get you a list 🙂 thanks for the tag!

I will return to this later, I've been a little bit disconnected due to health ( not gone just posting insanefully slow LOL) Many of the people I usually followed regularly are on hiatus as well, but I hope that like me, they're just around lurking.

Hi themarkymark the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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JacobTothe could do with some love on his posts,...

This promoted content generated 0.240 STEEM in curation reward payback. Thanks for using Steemium.

But I didn't use Steemium.


@steemchiller is the first that comes to mind.
He is very underappreciated for the enormous service he provides for the community. STEEMWORLD is one of the MVP applications on Steem.

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