Introducing Pretty Pink

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Wer kennt Pretty Pink aus Leipzig?

Ein durchaus erfolgreiches Projekt, eine Dame mit Talent, die international auf großen Events auflegt, ihre eigenen Produktionen macht rund um Deep House und kommerzielle EDM Sachen, bekannt wurde Sie durch Remixe / Bootlegs bekannter Künstler - ich hoffe ja unser Benny kennt sie persönlich, die Anne und erzählt mehr - auf geht es @bearded-benjamin - freue mich auf Deine Info.

A German DJane that we might have not talked about

Pretty Pink is also new to me, quite successful across international events and for sure a turntable mix talent - who met her yet? @edje @andyjaypowell - one of you guys? I actually was researching music around monsters, dragons and blockchain gaming to create some content for @aggroed and @splinterlands but was not really successful in finding good music but stumbled across some new sound architects that been new to me - so here we go with a blonde German lady.

Apart from playing events she made some interesting remix works you can see / listen to on her YT and Soundcloud channels - at least the music ins interesting and not mainstream, she has a broad variety in my view, not all my kind of music but professional and I appreciate her work.

Born as Anne Karolczak in Leipzig (East Germany) she become pretty famous with a special remix of a known "Daft Punk" song - Get Lucky, especially in the underground scene. @bearded-benjamin - you know her? Same city, same area, same taste of music?

Music style? Deep House, commercial EDM and a bit Techno?

Her style is broad, mainly around Deep House, she does also comercial EDM stuff with German artists such as this one:

In all a business and music lady that know what she wants and she does it good.

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