Gemm - Breath Of The Wind [Music Video]

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I'm pleased to be able to premiere a new music video to the #steem community - which is a video to a truly magical song (and artist) that I've been working with.

It's a video I made with the brilliantly talented GEMM.

We filmed a neat performance sequence back in early June 2019, with Gemm simply sat at the keyboard, performing the tracks with a sense of nostalgia. Accompanying the performances is footage from the late 1990's of her sky diving. (I know right, quite amazing)
With her track being called 'Breath Of The Wind', these visuals added an extra aesthetic and dimension to the subject matter at hand.
It was Gemm's idea to include this fantastic footage which she then helped closely to sync the best sky diving shots to her music.

I also played with some fun 'in-camera' effects using a large glass diamond to film through -- creating these splinters of lights that cascade across the frame during the performances; which add an extra hint of magic and mystery to it all.

Please watch, be enchanted by this captivating song and go support her music over at or over on Facebook

Thanks for watching :)

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Dude, she is very talented, Beautiful playing the rhythm is nice and calm and her voice makes my neck hair tremble!

Well done!

Cheers dude!

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Excellent, thanks! Great choice of footage, brought back memories.


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Upvoted and resteemed.

I hope everyone else who watches does the same.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Nice one. I really like the video. I like the intermixing of the piano and the skydiving. It's a cool mix formal and informal. The skydiving makes sense as well - Breath on the wind.

The song really nice as well. She has a lovely voice.

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Cool song and a fun video. The performance stuff is very atmospheric.

We need musicians like this on Steem!

Have a !BEER

Cheers for the beer @steevc 🍻
Indeed we do need more musicians like this here - they would do well.
I think she is actually invested a bit in STEEM but isn’t active in any way on her account. Don’t even knows what her handle is.

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Well maybe she will come back. There are changes to how people are curating and we have #creativecoin to support musicians.

Wow, good job on this! Make sure to check steem engine for future Tunes tokens you'll be getting.