After 40 you will have to pry the fat loose with a crowbar.

in exyle •  8 months ago  (edited)

Even though I look a bit mental here I got things under control.

It's me sitting down in the gym, trying to catch my breath after an intense workout in the gym.

I'm once again back in the zone and I'm going for it.

My health has become a hugely important priority for me after looking in the mirror one-day thinking...."fuck me...what happened".

Even holding the belly in couldn't hide the apple shape ball that had formed around my waist....and that's even without mentioning the tits that have grown to epic proportion.

It's not great and got even worse when a wise person told me, "Mark, the way you enter your 40's is the way you will most likely be for the rest of your life."

That fat you take into your 40's will be 100x harder to get rid of from then on, you basically have to pry the fat loose with a crowbar.

It has hit home.

I'm working on it and I've got a good regime going now.

Intermittent fasting with an 8-hour food window and a 5-6 times a week workout regime.


A meal I had recently.

I've changed up my workout completely as well.

I think my real heavy lifting days are over. I no longer see the point.

I still would like to look strongish but I guess realistically I just want to do things in my life effortlessly now and when I get older.

Things like:

Walk 10 flights of stairs with ease and without panting by the end of it.
Take a 20kg bag of dog food from the trunk and carry it in the house effortlessly.
Go for a 10-mile walk without trouble.

It just makes for a little bit more of a realistic outlook of what I want to achieve when I get older.

I have therefore shifted my focus from pure weight lifting to a more cardio/strength workout routine.

It involves a lot of pushups/pullups, bodyweight exercises, core exercises, cardio and also some weight lifting but with more reps instead of kgs.

I still like to chase the burn/pump but differently.

I also get a lot of inspiration from a gym class I joined recently.

It's a 30 minute Omnia workout.

And even though on the promo pictures there are a lot of young ppl, in reality, there are only older ladies there (think +60) but they do a lot of exercises that prevent them from falling apart (usually core).

I take those exercises and modify them when I train alone.

I increase the weights, reps, and intensity and it becomes a real workout.

It's fun. For me at least and I like to have fun when working out. It's motivating for me to keep going.

Also, 60-year-old ladies are pretty fun.

They are not there to impress anyone, just to have fun and stay in shape a bit.

Basically what I want.

I'm already seeing the results of my efforts a little bit when I look in the mirror, but there is still a long way to go.

I have told myself for too long...

"it's not that bad", "you still look alright"...until one day you think...."fuck me, what happened".

Only, and only once you start trying to lose the weight, you realize how much work it takes to actually get it done.

I don't envy those +40-year-olds!

Best get it done now.

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Ditto to all of this. I like tits a lot but on myself, not so much.

There's a gym downstairs and I plan to be there often - 41 in 3 weeks, fuuuuck!

You are 41? Man, you don't look a day over 35!


And thanks, I figure it's all going to go to shit soon enough but the gym will help a little.

I am scared of my 40’s. Trying to get my health in order beforehand. I have about 9 years to get it right.

Honestly just eat less. Eating three times a day is for kids in full development. Adults should have two small meals or a large one.

Since I started IF I realize that I can go without a lot less food then I thought.

Same, now I just eat when I’m hungry and it works great.

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Tell me about it. It is really hard to burn those fat once one is over 40.
That is what I have been working on for some time now. I even go on long walks. Health is wealth they say.

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Health is wealth they say


So very true! I really need to start eating healthier. Lucky for me I got into the habit of exercising regularly. Great article and a wonderful reminder to lead a healthier lifestyle. Have a terrific week, and take care 🌺🤙

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Thanks! You have a nice week too!

There's no escaping it.., things from 45 get worse.. your face starts melting for one!

Sorry to bring the bad news.. hehe...

It's very true. It's an uphill battle. I already notice nowadays that my face starts to sag....baggy eyes and the eyelid is starting to fall over....this is how it starts...

Should I tell you what happens next, or you don't want to know? ;)

Probably equipment failure..:/

LOL, not happened here just yet...


Awww man, I am a bit over 40 and that is the last thing I wanted to hear. What it the point then if I am never going to lose it! :)

I think acceptance is the only option! :)

:) My wife would probably not agree with that. I found out the other day she told our Dr. to tell me that I need to start working out. I think she is just worried about me bugging her for a long time, not my physical appearance.

Good words man, this post is my inspiration to ramp up efforts of building up some muscle, since ive slowed just a little these past couple weeks. Always feels good after you put in some work brotha.

Feels good indeed! Good luck building those muscles!

We all wish you luck with the tit-crowbar-ing @exyle

And yeah heavy lifting and power lifting is extremely overrated, that’s for sure. Way better to do 10X more reps than 10X more weight. Always funny seeing people lift a huge amount of weight once and then they act like they’re done 🤣

One recommendation I have, is get a small amount of workout equipment for at home. I find myself working out much more at home because you find yourself walking by it like 10X a day and eventually you’re like “ok I’ll get a quick workout in” when on the other hand going to the gym can eat up much more time and some days you don’t have enough time for that. Just my 2 satoshis

I have workout equipment at home. It works well and got me in shape 10 years ago when I was very introvert and a lot less confident then I am now. Sadly I have not been able to maintain the good looks...

Nowadays, I don't mind going to the gym in the morning. It's part of my morning routine.

wait till you get past 50 my friend lol
at 40 i was fine and didnt hardly have to excercise
once i hit 48-49 i feel like a new man and let me tell you not in a good way
but unlike most people ive lived my life since everytime i have not seen someone in a while they always ask if i am staying out of trouble lol
at past fifty and they still ask
good post and i dont envy anyone who is old its not a pretty thing period no matter what shape you are in
cheers and have a great day

50 sounds so far away! But then was 35 once upon a time....

And yes...getting older does suck.

"Also, 60-year-old ladies are pretty fun"
So glad to hear you say that:)

Haha! They sure are :)

I noticed a lot of things change after age forty...this is about the time you start walking into rooms and forget why you did. Lol.

Incorporating yoga or some kind of stretching might be a good idea. I cycle during the warm months and noticed at age 48 that my hamstrings stay super tight now if I don't stretch. Flexibility is almost as important as strength as we get older.

this is about the time you start walking into rooms and forget why you did. Lol.

O no...this is already happening to me now!

I used to do yoga at least once a week. That's a good tip! Been a while since I have done it.

I doubt I can still do a warrior 3 pose with proper form. But it will be fun to try!

😂 small brain glitches are pretty normal, I think.

I’m a pretty avid cyclist during the warm months and yoga has been a savior for me. I also occasionally try qigong for variety. I always feel better after doing either of the two.

The most important thing is to find an activity you really enjoy. My 83 year old Aunt always says, “If you keep going, you can’t keep going.” 😊

lol, i don't envy us 40 yr olds either .

hi ho hi ho, it's off to the gym i go :)

i am 38 and feeling the thing now allready. When i was 25, ithis time i feel first time that my body is getting older. The young time was over and it was true. Now after many years i can say that every some ammount of years the inside feeling change a bit, but not every year, still i am feeling young and fresh, but not like a 20 years old man

I'm young in my mind too! :)

I hope that never goes away.

yes, hope that too. as long the mind is young and strong, near everything is possible.