BOOM! And then my PC died.

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There was a time where this sight would have filled my heart with joy.

Repairing a computer and trying to find out what's wrong with it. times have heart is filled with dread just looking at it.

People always say that you should make your hobby your job...

I disagree.

I made IT my job for 10 years and since then I have lost all passion for it and I used to love it when I was younger.

Nowadays. I just want things to work.

The problem is...this is my own (old) PC...and I need to fix it somehow.

What happened?

Yesterday I was trying some newer games after a long time.

I have been out of the gaming scene for a long time and recently the passion for games is coming back.

I have missed it. I must admit.

There was a time where Steem was the only thing that mattered in my life (I just couldn't focus on anything else) and I'm actively rebalancing that relationship.

It's doing me a ton of good. I'm more relaxed overall, I'm healthier, I'm losing weight, I can focus on non-related Steem things and I go out more. I can highly recommend it and I'm still being Steem productive.

Anyway, there are plenty of titles I want to play so yesterday I fired up Wolfenstein: The New Order.

I was surprised how well it ran considering this PC is 6-7 years old or more.

I was having a blast! But then about 90 minutes in...

BOOM! The screen went black and the thing shut off.

I guess I asked too much from the old PC.

I've been identifying the problem and it's either GPU or the PSU that's fried.

I'm not sure if I should be bothered to repair it or just consider buying a whole new rig.

The GPU is an old GTX780.


I've been out of the loop so long I'm not sure how much a whole new machine would set anyone back.

Hell, I don't even know if they still use PCI-E for cards.

For my day to day work, I use a Mac. I never want to go back to PC because it works like a dream for what I want to do with it but as you might know, it doesn't play games very well.

I will have to do some research.

Until that time....Candy Crush on the Mac I guess...oooooffff....

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And maybe you can ask Ben to help you out!

Haha, I would...but I think he suffers from the same IT disease as me after working with it for years.

I understand completely, but what would be nicer as two old friends how loved to take things apart (especially Ben, you liked to watch) to work together again. Old times are here again!

Yes GPUs today are standard PCIe x16. If all the fans stop spinning then it's time for a PSU replacement.

Did some more tests. With the GPU in and the 2x PCI power cables connected to the card, the PC won't do anything (no fan spins), totally dead.

When I take the GPU out and replace it for a very basic PCI-E card I still had laying around the computer works fine.

Mac. 🤢🤢🤢

Haha I had an iMac for years and loved it. But still far too overpriced imo. I just spent 2k on an MSI PC. Just more bang for your buck with PC.

You could set up a decent gaming rig for $600-$1000 if you build it yourself. Even cheaper depending on how you source the parts. I'm running a rtx 2070 and 2x SSD drives (one for w10 and one for Manjaro) + a 4tb platter for storage. That's overkill for gaming.

But, yeah if you want to stay on the cheaper end you could probably set something up for 600-700 that can run any new games. Maybe not at max settings, but will still run them well.

Checkout linustechtips on YouTube. He does some cheaper gaming builds that can maybe give you some ideas.

Hardware-wise you are probably right.

But I like being inside the Apple Ecosystem. Everything works so smoothly with my iPhone, iPad, and iMac. I also like MacOS. Airdropping files for instance I use all the time. does what I want from stuff just works.

I'll check out Linus for some ideas. Thanks!

Damn! I was going to try installing Tom Clancy's Rainbow six on this laptop but i'm having second thoughts now!

Haha! I am sure my problem and any potential problem for you are unrelated! :)

Get a console!!! Then you never have to worry about GPU or CPU nonsense!

Good point. I do have a PS4. Might dust that off instead!

Yeah!! Get in!!

Literally loved that game man, I recently finished it at ‘Uber’ difficulty, my old pc died a couple months ago after 6 years of service and I had to make a hard choice, buying more STEEM or a new desktop? 😁😁

I might want your hard drive to search and get some good stuff like magical keys and such :P @exyle

LOL! Very smart :)

My PC is around the same age as yours, I think I got it in 2010-2011, so 8-9 years, already had to replace my GPU, got a GTX 970 OC since I burned my old GPU playing Payday2 , but the rest of the rig is so outdated that just to load a game the lack of SSD and RAM slows the whole thing down to an halt, last time I tried to play Warhammer total war I was able to have lunch while a battle loaded! And when it finally finished loading, every minute it froze for 1 or 2 seconds... I can still play some outdated games with low graphs, like Outlast 2, CS GO, LoL, etc... I'm considering recording some gameplays and putting them up on Steem, it's easy content for me and I enjoy doing it.

Oh well, I would rather save the money and invest it for now than to get a new PC, at least the lack of a good computer fixed my gaming addiction xD

This topic is one which should have a community immediately as they are released: PC Hardware. People could post and discuss PC hardware issues, news, builds, experiments, overclocking etc. Or is there already a tribe or a consistently used tag for these kinds of things?

My nightmare is a system that stops working. I am knowledgeable enough to fix a system myself and so, even with options of repair center, I get so upset when that happens. I could stay away from my cellphone but laptop or the desktops are my addiction.

good one

I have been starting to get back into gaming as well. I haven't done it for quite some time and I find myself missing certain aspects of it. Especially after reading the reviews that @gooddream has been posting about different games that he has played on his console. I just ordered a mid level laptop that I am hoping to get Steam installed on and buy some games. They usually have some really good deals on titles around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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