[SOLVED] I need some EOS advice: I can't stake EOS because I don't have CPU. But to get CPU I need to stake EOS.

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I don't actively use EOS at all. But I do have it.

Today I opened my eos-voter wallet for the first time in a long time to just check if I could still access funds of a wallet.

As expected eos-voter was outdated so I updated it to a new version called Anchor.

Then I decided to see if I could send 1 EOS to Kraken to see if that still worked.

That's when the trouble began.

I kept running into an error where the transaction wouldn't go through.

I did recently read about an airdrop called EIDOS clogging up the EOS network but because I don't use EOS actively I never thought anything of it.

After some digging, I think I don't have access to enough CPU to do transactions on the EOS network.

The last time I staked EOS was years ago and it's only 2 EOS staked which was enough at the time.

To explain:

Just like on Steem where you need to stake STEEM to have access to Resource Credits to do transactions on the Steem network you need to have some EOS staked to do the transaction on the EOS network.

Here you can see I have 0,00% available CPU.

Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 13.38.05.png

No Problem I though. I will just stake some more EOS and get that CPU number up.

But that's not possible! Unlike Steem where you can stake STEEM even if you don't have anything staked, on EOS you can't do that at the moment as far as I know.

So, my problem now is that I can't stake EOS because I don't have enough CPU to get access to more CPU.

I tried services like https://cpuemergency.com/ that will temporarily delegate you some CPU but I need more than the 3 they offer.

Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 13.56.29.png

If anyone knows how I can safely solve this that would be very much appreciated.

I'm not in a rush. But I would like to stake some more EOS under my account so that when I want to transfer in the future it will be possible.

Thanks for any help!

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Solution is quite simple, I had same problem until I noticed that all they needed from me was more EOS lol 😆

I staked from 1 to 8 EOS, it didn’t go until I stepped up to 10 EOS for CPU and 2 for Network, and it went!

Therefore just continue increasing the amounts of EOS for CPU and Network until they’re accepted.

You can try it in Lynx Wallet as well.


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That did it! I staked 50 EOS and it did the trick! While trying to stake 25 didn't work before. Thanks so much!

Does this mean we cant sell all our EOS if we want to?

Sounds like EOS is a mess. It makes Steem look great. Fundamental problem with EOS is the super duper hardware requirements with TBs of RAM to run a node. Not sustainable.

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What do they say?
When your granny can us it then it'll become mainstream.
I think granny will struggle forever with eos

You should try using bloks.io, they allow 5 free transactions daily for their users, just make sure you activate the Free CPU when being logged into your account (I use scatter)

EOS has been quite a struggle as of late with the EIDOS airdrop, the 1.8 Update allows dapps to provide the CPU for their users and many have this option now.

Good Luck!

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The problem is solved. I had to stake 50 EOS for it to go through.

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I have used EOS only to play EOS Knights. That was a hot thing when it launched back in August 2018.

Actually I started playing EOS Knights and Steemmonsters at the same time. Now things are pretty much in favor of SM.

Anyways .... you remind me about the CPU ... it was an issue back than as well ... that thing can be so irritating ..... the game was stopping when there was CPU overloads.... stake more...then later you have much more ...bad user experience ... from that perspective Steem is so much better.


Bloks.io is supplying free CPU for 3 Tx per account / per day since the EIDOS airdrop fiasco. Bloks.io is also compatible with Anchor and Scatter. When you sign into Bloks.io just check the drop down for the and make sure you have "Free CPU" enabled. :)


Thanks for offering this solution. I did eventually solved it by staking 50 EOS. (I tried it before with 10 and 25 and it didn't work) but 50 was enough.

No worries, but I think it may still be a good idea to use the free CPU from Bloks.io and/or Greymassfuel since the CPU issue has not been fully rectified. At one point, even large amounts of staked CPU were not enough and the average user unable to process simple transactions. Something to bare in mind anyways.

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Yooo @Exyle, you can use EOS Emergency. It will give you the free cpu for 8 hours for free. 😀


Nevermind, you already know about it lol

Like others have said network is clogged up at the moment, probably best to wait it out. There are only three ways to get more CPU:

  1. Wait for CPU to regenerate (may take up to 24 hours)

  2. Get Emergency CPU. (Various third-party services will lend you some CPU.)

  3. Stake more EOS to generate additional CPU.

I had to stake 50 EOS to sent 1 EOS in the end but it's working now!

Glad you managed to figure it out. EOS has had some trouble lately, I have been experiencing that myself several times. Perhaps they should change the name to SOS ;>)

Groetjes uit Portugal!


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I would just keep trying until you get it. Like you said, that EIDOS airdrop is gumming everything up. Last I knew the block producers were talking about changing some of the governance to take care of the issue, but I don't know where they are at with that process. Like someone else mentioned I mainly use EOS for EOS Knights right now and it has been a real chore to get anything accomplished in the game. They have recurring events and they have even postponed those until the network clears up.

Let me reach out to some of my contacts and I will see if there is a way I can help you.

I had to stake way more EOS then I was doing trying with. At 50EOS stake the transaction went through and I got access to CPU.

Gotcha! I am glad you got it sorted out!

why eos is so complex from making an account to start using it