Powerup Statistics #24 - Oct 24th - Nov 6th

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Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

Here they are:

24 Oktober 2019

STEEMPOWER207,0 million
LIQUID STEEM122,2 million
SBD7,4 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 365,858,696 STEEM

6 November 2019

STEEMPOWER208,0 million (+1,0 million)
LIQUID STEEM122,4 million (+0,2 million)
SBD7,4 million (0 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 367,157,866 STEEM

Good numbers this rapport again.

Besides a small increase in the liquid supply of 200k STEEM the amount of powered up STEEM keeps going up every two weeks.

This week it increased with another million.

Whatever you might think or feel about #newsteem, it's hard to deny that since #newsteem the amount of powered up STEEM has been going up compared to before where it went down almost every rapport.

There is willingness from users to power up their STEEM.

From a little longer timeframe it's even more impressive.

This is the last rapport I made before #newsteem. That's now 81 days ago.

17 August 2019

STEEMPOWER199,5 million
LIQUID STEEM122,6 million
SBD7,7 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 357,992,426 STEEM

That's 8,5 million STEEM vested since then and a liquid supply that is almost the same.

But I know what you are thinking? If these numbers are so great why is the price so bad.

It's a fair assessment.

Right now we are only 14 places away from falling out of the top 100 on CMC.

Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 09.04.22.png

What STEEM needs is a little more buyers. That's it. Plain and simple.

From the latest numbers, you can sort of say that the amount of liquid STEEM is stable at 122,5 million over the last 3 months.

There are buyers. Just enough to offset inflation. But there is still a lot of liquid STEEM out there and the volumes are low, it's not a great combination for dollar value.

But STEEM does have a future plan though to attract more buyers, besides speculation, It's RC's (pools).

RC's are one of the main reasons I'm keeping my STEEMPOWER. It's the ultimate powerhouse of the Steem blockchain.

If you believe Steem (the blockchain) will be a success and used by communities and company's around the world (SMT's, Steem-Engine tokens), you know you are sitting on a goldmine.

All of those parties will need RC's (Steempower) and the only way to get those is to lease or buy RC's.

When that happens, the liquid supply of STEEM is meaningless. It will be scooped up so fast like it doesn't exist and it can go fast. I have seen this before.

(I would always recommend having at least an amount of STEEM in your wallet now you are happy for when the price reverses. My target was 200k SP. I have overshot it a little bit since then. )

And none of those companies or communities or investors will care where that STEEM originally came from. Whether It's from a pre-mine, upvoting yourself 10 times a day, circle-jerks, the good old market, blogposts, steemmonster tournaments payouts, good content, bad content ....you name it.

If they need it they will just get it from a market like Dlease.io or buy it off someone that has it.

And I suspect those parties won't use STEEM as a rewarding mechanism, they will just use STEEM for the RC's it provides and use their own token for rewards.

Plain and simple. For me at least.

And of course, if you don't believe this then I would recommend getting rid of it because the future will look a little less bright. Steem ultimately needs bigger players to succeed.


I just read an extremely bullish post by @aggroed about Splinterlands, APPICS just released their own token, Steemfest 4 is around the corner.

I am very much excited about all the presentations there!

Steem is very much alive.

It's going to be a cool week.

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You are giving us a hopeful outlook. We have still to be patient until SMTs are used in real. Regarding the games: I think these are requiring some amount of liquid steem, e.g. for trading with monster cards etc.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

The cards can be traded for DEC too (the in-game currency of the game). STEEM is a possibility not a necessity there.

But what I do know is that all the players of Splitnerlands will need RC's. They either come from an RC pool provided by the Splinterlands team or every individual player needs to have their own Steempower to play.

I hate to be a bit of a grammar nazi, but the word you are looking for is report, not rapport. 😬😬😬😅.

Anyways, love this presentation and it's got me rethinking possibly buying more steem as I've held off for a while now. I'm at a level that is a bit of a goal for me, but there's always room to grow my stake, right? I'm just feeling mostly nervous about SMTs finally coming out and how things will play out afterwards...

Thanks! I always make that mistake....the Dutch word for a report is rapport and I don't know why I keep typing it wrong in English every time.

Haha, for some reason one feels like one never has enough Steem but with your amount you should be good when things turn around, I would think.

I would just be happy if my stake had similar value to 1 BTC like it used to be 😆

I have done my part powering up in this months #SPUD! Appics looks great, Splinterlands will become even more greater... and who knows what awesome apps will we have tomorrow!

Thanks for these reports, @exyle!

The future looks good!

Positiveness all over the place! I hope so badly that it all turns out as we hope. But unfortunately, no one can tell :)

That is true, no one can tell but I have good hopes!

I powered up some Steem myself! I am pretty excited about that. My new target is 10K SP and a reputation of 70 even though I know that reputation doesn't count for much anymore these days.

Congrats on the PU and that's an awesome goal!

Now that the bots are gone and reputation can no longer be bought, I think there is more value to it again.

Good point!