🎬 Deep Clean 👷‍♂️ - Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy Short Film Presented By DUST - *Exclusive Premiere*

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Alex is a sixteen year old troubled boy who has been finding life hard to deal with since his father passed away five years ago. He has recently been kicked out of school for fighting and to avoid going to a young offenders institution he has been forced to do a work placement with his uncle Brian, who he hasn't seen since his father's funeral.

On his first day at work, Alex is given the task of standing in the road and holding a road sign, but he is unaware of the true nature of the work his uncle is involved in.
As the day progresses Alex becomes more and more suspicious of his uncle and work colleague. After a call comes in, Brian and his work mate head down into an underground basement, leaving Alex who eventually heads down below the surface to help his uncle, but what he encounters down there will change his life forever...

This is one of the best short films I have seen from the DUST channel. It has a great story which is delivered well by good actors. The soundtrack is also really good, and it is also funny and very enjoyable. Highly recommended! Check it out!

IMDb - 8.2/10

Written by Krent Able and Matt Harlock

Directed by Matt Harlock

Starring - Joshua Glenister
Paul Kaye (Dennis Pennis, Game of Thrones)
Tony Way (Edge of Tomorrow, Game of Thrones)

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Source - DUST (YT channel)

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It's definitely worth watching, check it out!

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