🎬 "Safe Haven" 🧟‍♀️ - Short Horror Film Presented By ALTER

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Set in Belfast, this film follows the story of Zoran, a twelve year old boy who is at home with his mother, Nadia.
She receives a phone call from work asking her to go in. It's her day off and she doesn't want to leave her son but feeling pressured she agrees and sets off for work.

This wouldn't usually be a problem, but this is not a typical day.
Volcanic ash is raining down upon the city which is carrying with it a deadly contagion. Those that are exposed to the ash are transformed into predatory, ruthless savages with a toxic black substance slowly oozing from their faces.

Young Zoran has been left alone with their friendly but strange, elderly neighbour who is starting to show signs of being infected! And outside the safe haven of his home there is disorder and mayhem, which leaves him trapped with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide...

Right from the start this awesome film grabs your attention and fills you with a sense of dread and anticipation of what is going to happen next. It is a tense and memorable short horror film with great acting and a superb story.
Highly recommended!

IMDb - 9.2/10

Written by Spence Wright

Directed by Martin Stalker

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Source - ALTER (YT channel)

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