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He shot my cow first. This cow that I had spent hours trying to find. The sweet beast of burden that would have made my life so much easier. He shot me next. When I died, I hoped that I would see her in the afterlife, but no such luck. My character awoke bruised, battered, and worst of all, without Bessy.

Ok, It was technically called a Brahmin. Nonetheless, the sting was almost physically palpable. That is when I fell in love with this game.

Fonline, an MMO based on the original fallout games, developed on an entirely new game engine by some mad soviet scientist and the craziest minds of poland. I have spent almost two decades playing this one game, and it’s different iterations. Because of that cow, but also because the game is not an easy or forgiving one.

It goes beyond just a game. The dramas that play out on screen as well as on the Discord channels are better than any written in popular culture. Neither Arthur Miller nor Alexander Pushkin could even have imagined what my eyes have seen play out in pixelated images from the 1990s. I have watched as marriages dissolved and forged, people have lost jobs and gained new ones, and boys became men.

Thankfully this trend continues as a new version has come out. Made by an exiled player and a handful of compatriots, Fonline3 has the makings of one the greatest versions to ever make it from concept to fruition. I will tell you more about Fonline3 later. For now, try to keep it a secret.



Official release video

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Is this game free to play?

Hi, yes it's an indie project and runs on players donations.

Where can I download the game from?

You can download the client from the main website: https://fonline3.com/

Good night. I remember wading through installing the original FO1 and 2 and all the restoration mods for each on my Windows 98se machine. Seeing this is like traveling back in time 15 years. I hope it succeeds!

thats gonna rock

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How about Fallout 76? Do you think that it is bad too?

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