The Stick of Truth : Epic! (if you like Southpark)

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The only reason that I am talking about this game now is because I just started downloading South Park: The Fractured, But Whole and I am really looking forward to playing it because the predecesor (which costs half as much) is meant to be essentially the same game but with updated material.

Anyway, this game is "hella good" but i think you would need to be down with South Park to appreciate it.


Anyone who is a fan of the show would probably be excited (if they like video games) to play a game that is as funny as the actual show is and I think that, at least for me, The Stick of Truth was at least as funny as the show is, because it combined the best moments of the past 10 years into one game. There is also new scenarios mixed in because you do not take on the role of any of the cast members. You are simply "New Kid" and you can customize this toon to a certain degree. Mostly a lot of the things that happen in the game are references to old episodes and at least for me, sometimes I didn't even remember them until they were mentioned, which was.... "nice."


As far as gameplay is concerned it functions mostly as an turned-based RPG with elements of platforming although this only happens a couple of times. Mostly, you watch funny cinematic interludes and then carry on your way with your team of characters much in the way that you would with games like Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star (sorry for getting all "old school" but that is just how it feels to me.)


As a vast majority of non-institutionalized people or someone who has been in a cave for the past 20 years would likely already be aware of, this game is not meant for kids or for people that have overly thin skin: There are a lot of graphic parts of the game that would be totally inappropriate for children and lots of moments that are specifically designed to trigger the SJW's of society.

Getting angry at Trey Parker and Matt Stone isn't going to accomplish anything though and a boycott of their stuff would probably only make them happy.

To give you an example of how vulgar this title is here is one of the more graphic levels where you are cooperating with the "underpants gnomes" on a quest. During this particular level your character is reduced to a small size to wander certain parts of the house and your fictional parents are "getting it on" in the background complete with graphic imagery and audio that you would probably prefer to not see.


This level is intentionally disgusting as is a lot of the other levels many of which incorporate topic matters that you would probably rather not discuss with your actual parents. I feel as though this pretty much encapsulates what South Park, just as a franchise in general is kind of all about.

from the official South Park Studios channel

If you are not a fan of the TV show and even worse, if you have some sort of objection to it, there is very little chance that this game is going to change that. You are also not going to understand almost all of the references in the game (such as when you go to Canada and the entire game becomes buggy and very 8-bit looking.) But for those of us that have been fans of this show perhaps since it started, boldly, in 1998 this is a great trip down mature memory lane.

despite the intentionally terrible graphics, this is one of the best parts of the game

I have always had a certain level of appreciation for the South Park humor and even though the mechanics of the game are very simplistic, I never felt bored during the entire 30 hours or so that it takes to complete this game and this is a lot more than can be said for many other games that I have played with significantly more complicated graphics and gameplay. It honestly feels as though you are in one of the episodes.

With the release of their later game (which functions in the same fashion) we saw Stick of Truth get a price reduction but it is still a bit more expensive than some people expect to pay for a game that is 4-5 years old.

If you are a fan of the show and you have $20 to shell out on a game I can honestly say that this title is some of the highest level of amusement that I have received at the hands of a video game in forever. I highly recommend this game as it is something that I enjoyed immensely and gladly return to play over and over again - and I can't say that about a vast majority of the purchases I have made over the past 30 years.


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both games are great...if you like this kind of game play


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I am lol'ing at the idea of the shrunk level with the parents getting it on in the background. Love I finish my current game I might give it a whirl!

it is disturbing, but in a good way. That was actually one of the more tame graphic moments that take place, there are plenty of intentionally shocking moments graphically and of course, plenty of harsh language mostly at the hands of Cartman.

Carman was always my favourite. I think it's all those bits that I would enjoy! I loved the show, I lost track of it a bit a few years ago but I still have a soft spot for it!

well i haven't watched many of the episodes in the past 3 or 4 years either. I'm not gonna say they have run out of ideas, but since the world is considerably more "graphic" just in a general sense compared to the early 2000's, South Park isn't as cutting edge and graphic as it once was.

Yeah, I suspect you are right in that respect. In those days salty chocolate balls or uncle fucker had everyone up in arms... :0D

Hah, that looks pretty funny. I actually stopped watching a while ago, but I am sure there are still some jokes that I would probably get. It is funny that they make a game like this. It is also one of the first games that apparently has a lot of cut scenes and you don't seem to mind :) Thanks for sharing this review. I am working on getting a machine back that I can install Steam on and hopefully recover some of my games.

yeah, as much as i bitch about cutscenes I looked forward to the ones in this game. It totally doesn't fit my MO.

Probably the one show I never watched. Don't know why as I am not a prude and have thick skin. Weird to think it is like a classic now.

yeah, it has been around for a long time and just like i was saying to someone else, it really isn't all that shocking anymore now that we have Youtube on demand. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's it was kind of unbelievable that it was allowed though.

Whoa! I am a huge Southpark fan too. I have to download this game soon. 😜

I dig South Park. It’s both highbrow & lowbrow at the same time. I will have to check out this game.


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