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Piracy is an issue that has affected many industries in many years, things like clothes, household utensils, car parts or music have had inconveniences with imitations or cheap copies that are constantly launched to the market. No industry is spared piracy, which means that in video games we can also find very strange consoles.

The imitations of consoles have existed since video games became a profitable business, many Chinese companies would begin to manufacture mass imitations of the most popular consoles with the intention of making profits using the image of other companies, but changing certain aspects such as the name.

In my country many parents were confused with these consoles giving their children or relatives a cheap imitation of the original console. Imagine for a moment that at Christmas you order a PlayStation 4, when you see the package open and you get a very strange console that does not use CD and 8-bit graphics, you would surely be in shock.

Throughout history there have been an enormous amount of imitations, some were excellent and of very good quality, however, others were a total disaster by various factors, such as design, material, controls, among other things. In this occasion I will show you some copies of videogame consoles that had more relevance in the market.

It is worth noting that I will show this list in descending order, that is, in chronological order according to their departure dates, as well as placing the console they tried to imitate.

Nasa / NES

When the Nintendo Entertainment System was officially launched in America, it completely revolutionized video games, which caused many companies to become interested in copying that characteristic model, one of which was NASA.

This was a very obvious copy of Nintendo's system, however, it was an excellent alternative, the material it was made of was very good, its controls were quite robust, it also corrected some design of the original system with respect to the way the games were introduced and additionally, it had an internal memory with built-in games.

PS3 / Next System - Famicom

When you see the initials PS3 the first thing that comes to mind to any gamer is the game console PlayStation 3, this can be used as a means of deception by many companies to launch a copy of a console, only in this case would be something completely absurd, Who puts as PS3 name to a console that is the copy of a Famicom?

It was also known in some places as Next System but in its box could clearly read the name of PS3 and to add a cherry to the cake placed the logo SONY with a slight change in the font of the letters to confuse the most innocent. Just compare this model to the PlayStation 3 to see the big scam.

PolyStation / PsX

It's time to talk about one of the most famous copy consoles that has lasted a long time, with a variety of models that at a glance you can tell which console they're using as a reference, the PolyStation.

Its first model is the most famous which imitates the PSX, however, is not a 32-bit console and does not have a CD player, in this case it is an 8-bit console which is always accompanied by a cartridge that according to its description has 9999999 games in one, but we all know that there are always 10 games which are repeated many times.

Battman / Xbox - Ps1

If you think you've seen strange consoles you should know Battman, for some strange reason the creators of this console decided to name him a superhero with a design of the first Xbox but with PlayStation controls and to stand out more than 8 Bits.

There is no denying that they were very "original" in making a console of this style, however, its quality is very bad, the controls tend to be damaged easily and offers absolutely nothing innovative, just another console fraud.

MiWi - Nintendo Wii

You couldn't miss one of Nintendo's most famous consoles, the Wii also had its design cloned, many companies launched a considerable number of consoles with the Wii concept, one of the most famous is the MiWi.

Its design and name, so similar to the original console, could confuse anyone, causing it to be swindled because it wasn't an official Nintendo Wii. The only thing that can be remarkable about this console is that some of its games comply with the innovative motion control mode, but in a very basic way.

X-game / Xbox One S

You thought last generation consoles weren't cloned? X-game is the copy of the Xbos One S, only when you see it you can see that the design was taken completely from the Microsoft console, however, the X-game has something that makes it different from the others.

In spite of being aesthetically a copy, its creators made a good videogame console since it is made with Raspberry's system, apart it is configured with good emulators of NES, SNES, Arcade, SEGA, among other consoles, with a very good quantity of 600 games. In addition, its controls are of very good quality, and has HDMI output this makes it a very good alternative if you want a multiconsole retro.

These were some copy consoles that have been released over the years, as you will see many of them were more of the same, without having any innovation to offer the public, however, others would leave a change, making their difference to give an alternative to those seeking to have a retro console accessible and affordable.

You know another copy of game consoles? Tell me what you think in the comments section.

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Hey, you can use more than 5 tags, now 8 by steemit and 10 by steempeak.
I recommend to use battle tag too for gaming content.

Thank you very much for your recommendation @atnazo. From this moment I will start to use the tag you mention for next contents.

You can't beat the Polystation with its 9999999 games!

There are also the MP5 devices that lets you play emulators and watch videos. Most of these devices are ripoffs of the PSP, though some of them are actually good.

Yes, in my country there is one called PXP and it is certainly a copy of the PSP, however, it is very good, its emulation capacity and screen make it a good portable device to play those retro games of yesteryear.

Now all of that is availble for mobile phones. Mobiles can even run PSP at decent performance these days.