My daily photo № 224 - minimal - Gate to enter the church

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Gate to enter the church

The Walburgischurch has a large gate under the tower to enter the church. Classic red with large decorated hinges!
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Remark: The #SevenDaysOutside challenge is a great initiative by @erikah. I decided to take part in this challenge for this week.
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Location: Zutphen, the Netherlands.

Camera - lens: Nikon D610, 24-120mm/f4.
Camera - settings: 58mm, 1/800 at f/11, ISO 800.

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Lovely composition @bringolo and the red door creates a very good contrast to the brickwork. 😊

It reminds me of a church door in Briele :-) Lovely shot!

It seems that in the Middle Ages a lot of church doors were painted this color, and had this kind of decorated hinges. I've seen quite a number of doors that had the same design, and they reminded me of this door in Zutphen. Funny how such things work.

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