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Speaking of abuse, there's a three word post on the trending page at $80 with votes from prominent Steemians and bought votes, and only an insignificant downvote that makes me wonder if I'm missing something. Who is transisto, and why would his low effort post get a pass? Maybe there's some worthy beneficiary? How would I know?

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I flagged it, but can't speak for others.

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You have my support, I know you have put a lot of work into all this. Greetings from Bangkok.

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I have supported this proposal. Are Steemit using it to remove their delegation from accounts they create or is that a separate process?

There is a separate process for that, but I do have a blacklist in the API that shows those who have had delegation removed in the past.

Would you be able to direct me to where can I report an account that is using it's delegation to spam-downvote?

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Is there a proper way to get profiles removed from this list yet?

There has always been a #blacklist channel on the buildawhale discord.

OK, I'm not sure if I posted in there previously or not but I did highlight an account to you that was put on the list due to a technical issue with steempress causing a high number of posts to be made automatically without intention. As I recall you said you'd look into it but the account was not removed from the list and I didn't hear any more. This led to the account owner leaving steem - he's someone who appears on the BBC and elsewhere from time to time.

I know the user you are talking about as someone forwarded it to me recently. I don’t see any record of the account being mentioned. Just checked steem chat and we never talked. We only spoke once in #witness chat briefly about something completely different.

Not sure why someone would leave steem because they are on a blacklist because they posted 60 times /day. It doesn’t impact his ability to post or get votes. Just means he can’t use my bot. Now days many more services use it but very few bid bots did. Less than 5%.

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Since I learnt that Discord sells their user info to advertisers, I have refused to use it. I felt it was my decision to give steemit my email because I wanted an account, but I did not and do not choose to take that risk with Discord. So, I asked for a Steemit account where I can complain ...but, no luck - so, good luck to you getting a favourable response.


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I went ahead and gave you a vote..

No need. Blacklist only duming user in steemit.

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Can you use duming in a sentence?

You just did... :D

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of Global Blacklist API on Steem Projects.

If you want to be notified about new updates from this project, register on Steem Projects and add Global Blacklist API to your favorite projects.

A blacklist is wery useful.

great update news for steemian

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The person running these black lists is the same person behind the troll account berniesanders that he denied but was found out to be the owner AND poster. Why you all would support his black lists is beyond me. Look at steems awesome price performance and ask yourself, should I empower this troll even more?


s an example of his black list abuse he has had me on his for over a year for nothing related to steem! Someone (byteball) offered a juicy offer so I used my own money and used that offer making several accounts. I think he is just jealous that I have actually made money in and around steem while he was busy losing money. Not only his money but everyone who blindly follows him.

What you create 400 accounts to milk Byteball and post garbage on each one of them in a foreign language and then bid bot them up?

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Creating 400 accounts to claim an airdrop? Totally legit on any platform.

Most of the bidbots still call that abuse of their services (read their ToS) so I'd call it justified.

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okay, so you mean we should get more users who abuse the system instead of trying to fix the system and get organic growth of users who want an healthy alternative to facebook? and have the chance to get here and there a few $ if they post something exciting?

"who designs a system, gets users excited and then, wait for it ...... down votes them for using the system the way it was designed?"

Re-read that until you understand it.

The system was not designed to abuse it, the system was designed to balance itself, downvoting people for attempting to abuse it, is how the system was designed. The name is self governance.

This place is full of people abusing the system with multiple alts, many making comments on this very page.

The point I think you are missing here in what he is saying is he isn't playing the game any differently then many others just on a more massive scale, a scale that has allowed many to abuse it on whatever terms they wanted to describe it to themselves.

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IN other words, "Don't hate the player, hate the game."


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