Gods Unchained - Market Still Not Live -.-

in godsunchained •  8 months ago  (edited)

From my understanding, the timer for market to go live is on 98% percent for the last 11 years.

Lets hope team from Gods Unchained can finally make it so most of us get some new fun in playing the game...

I am dead serious I don't know what the actual fuck are they doing, nerfing Zoo cards 2 weeks in a row... fucking mongols, I'm speechless guys

Obviously now we need that market to buy all the cards for that face warrior, so we can start cheating :P lmao

Tune in for the stream and lets have some fun!

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HA HA! You crack me up, it is still beta tho and fairly new territory. Gonna be hiccups.

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Keep up the great work!
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Lmao, you know whats the best part, I posted a stream post without stream link... thanks for commenting so you made me realize lol

eh, I was referring to the 'last 11 years' and face warrior comments :P

Yeah, I know exactly what you referred to ;)

Just saying how stupid I am :P

Thanks for the tip btw, appreciate it :)

LOL can chalk it up to a late night or frustration with the wait for the market :D