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I started a topic yesterday tagged "Marriage problems". I analysed two points that caused problem in marriage which I promised that I will do the conclusion today. Let us take a look at other problems in marriage.

Hiding your flaws by accusing other.

When things go wrong in our lives, we still look for someone to blame, and marriage is no exception. We still blame our troubles on our partner. However, once we assume responsibility for our mistakes, we will find a compromise to prevent marriage issues. There will be no alternative if we do not admit our mistake.

People attempt to conceal their flaws by claiming that this is how the universe works. Since they mask their flaws, their flaws continue to exist. What does the flaw mean about you? “I will not leave until you understand my presence,” it says.

Making comparison with others

When we equate our partner or ourselves to another, we lose, which can lead to marital issues.

“Without thinking or considering it, people have haphazardly branded everything as misery. For eg, suppose you have an old set of sofas and your neighbour, who has never had any, recently purchased a new set. When your wife visits them, she comes home and tells you how good your friend's sofas are, while complaining about how old yours are. Now the pain has made its way into the building. It wasn't a challenge until she saw your friend's couch, but the moment she did, she took the pain with her.

These are the some of the causes of marriage problems that I am privileged to analyze with you, these issues are causing serious problems in marriages and need a serious attention... See you next time I am @ayoyemi

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