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Breathing is a gift that we don't give much thought about. We just go ahead and do it. That is what makes us safe. Similarly, God has provided a way for Christians to “breathe spiritually” for our moral well-being. Spiritual breathing is a method of exhaling the impure and inhaling the clean, similar to human breathing. It has the potential to become a way of life.

However, the ordinary Christian is unaware of this idea and therefore lives on a metaphysical roller coaster, in charge of his or her own destiny, resulting in dissatisfaction. We may get a new start in life on our own at times, just to lose it again – pessimistic feelings, angry voices, slammed doors...... What are the chances of this changing?
It could improve if you learn and incorporate the principle of spiritual breathing, which is similar to physical breathing in the following ways:

You "exhale" by confessing your sins as soon as you realise them and asking God's forgiveness.... And there was......

You "inhale" by asking the Holy Spirit to take over and inspire you once again so that you don't fall back into the sin.
We don't usually give our actual breathing much care. Spiritual breathing, on the other hand, necessitates deliberate action: a willingness to "exhale," or confess our sins, and "inhale," or trust God to fill us with his Holy Spirit.

Exhale as soon as possible. Be swift to admit your mistake. As soon as we entertain an immoral thought, utter an unkind word, or act on evil impulses, we may pause and confess our sin. Spiritual exhaling entails agreeing with God about our sins, whether in word or practise, praising Him for his grace, and voicing a desire to change our beliefs and behaviours. Breathing spiritually assists in the development of God-consciousness, which helps to keep the resurrected heart spiritually centred and less prone to constant sinning.

Spiritual inhalation entails claiming and receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit by religion. How do you go about doing that? The Holy Spirit comes into your heart the moment you believe in Jesus Christ and never leaves – John 1:12; Colossians 2:9-10; John 14:16-17. Though the Holy Spirit indwells all born-again Christians, not all are flooded with the Spirit on a consistent basis. When the unpleasant conditions of life crowd in and we take hold of our lives, we block back, or crowd out, the Holy Spirit, when we can, as Ephesians 5:18 says, "Keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit."

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