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According to the vision that I saw.’ Ezekiel 8:4 KJV

Your destiny will be changed when God gives you a vision. ‘The world belongs to us who see the opportunities before they become apparent,' said John Sculley, former president of PepsiCo and CEO of Apple Computers.

God "calls all objects that do not happen as if they did," according to the Bible. (New King James Version) Romans 4:17 Vision draws you forward by painting the goal, igniting a fire inside of you. You won't be able to do what you want in life until it comes from deep inside you—from the core of who you are and what you believe. I'm not sure why. You will face challenges, criticism, roadblocks, and resistance along the way.

Esther's vision needed her to throw her life on the line in order to save the Jewish people from extinction. 'If I die, I perish,' she declared. (KJV Esther 4:16) Is she really alive? She didn't have to, but she had to be able to. Are you one of them? You must do two things in order to realise your vision:

(1) Take a measurement of yourself. Measure how well you're working out your life's vision if you've already spoken about it and explained it clearly. Speak with people you know and ask them what they think of your vision. And if they can describe it, you're definitely seeing it as well.

(2) Make a note of it. ‘Write the vision and make it plain... so that whoever reads it may flee.' (NKJV Habakkuk 2:2) Writing helps you to clarify your thoughts. Your idea becomes the road map to your destination until it is written down. Consult it sometimes, and dedicate yourself to it with all you have. If you do, there's a good chance you'll live to see it through.

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