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Good day fellow steemians of this communiy, I want to give you a story which I may not be able to complete today..
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His height, if not weighed, could contrast with Goliath's, because you can't tell the difference between his baldness and his skin-cut, which gleams like a beam of light in the dark. His two cheeks were overburdened with black and Greg hair, similar to Rick Ross, a prominent American hip hop artist, except he had the dark skin of an Igbo man with an abundance of intellect. He doesn't say anything, but when he does, his thoughts are like two-edged knives, piercing your psyche as well as brainwashing and transforming your life, either favourably or negatively, depending on what he wants you to think. Teacher Nwachukwu is how he prefers to be called.

Wearing a black caftan and flat matured footwear, the sun set shone on his face as he looked out of an aluminium glass. Despite the fact that he could see bushes through the glass, he was not present because he was lost in thought. He recalled raising eight orphans to the age of adolescence. He returned to his senses, put on his medicated eyeglasses, and climbed out of the window, walking through a passage, ready to mentor them for the same cause for which he raised them. He could hear the orphans, or as you could call them, his girls, or even better, his pupils. Nobody, not even his pupils, is aware of his real identity or current position.

He took a step out of the corridor into another room where the students were making a racket and came to a halt at the entrance, staring at them all. The noise was reduced to zero frequency only by his presence and eye touch.
The room was made up as a classroom. Anything in it was white, from the lockers, the white board, the screens, the walls, the floors, the lights, and the tiles. Only the students' attire was unusual; they were dressed in black trouser that joined with their top like a bathing suit, with black canvases on their bottom, three boys and five ladies.
Nwachukwu stepped softly to the board, his footsteps hardly audible.

Everyone's ears were flooded with the whistling sound of a black marker on a white sheet, which sounded like a romantic kiss. When writing on the board, the man turned to his students and asked, "Where does life come from?" His speech intelligently paved around the sanctum.

"Pre-existing life" is a term that refers to the existence of everything before it "That's science," said Daniella, a female student, as he flipped his fingers for more details.
From behind, another said, "Life comes from God."
That's great! To back up his argument, he took a step away from the commission. "Why did he come?" he inquired, "so that we can have life and have it more abundantly."
The adolescents exchanged glances, as if the guy was a moron.

"Teacher, you just answered your own question." He came so that we could have life. A male student responded, "Dave."
"Dave, I'm not stupid." "In any issue, there is an indebted answer secret for which only those with smart and deep initiatives can answer," said Teacher Nwachukwu. He flipped his fingers once more to demonstrate how serious he was. Those fingers alone are a source of inspiration that causes students' minds to become more concentrated and involved.

"What sets you apart from others is your ability to think deeply," he said. You look at a white shining bulb; yes, you see it; it is white; but, you cannot guarantee it is white if asked, you reason. He flipped his fingers once more and continued since, according to physics mm, every colour contains all seven colours, but only one is clearly visible and observed. So, when you think of the white bulb, you'll say, "Actually, it's not white; it has six other shades, but just the white is apparent." He waited for that idea to sink in. True, it was sinking, as shown by the students' stunned expressions as they looked at their instructor. "Why did the Son of Man come?" I ask again.
The students no longer looked at one another and they now thought they were the ones who were dumb.
The sound of a falling pin was the only sound heard from the classroom at the time.
"Wake up," the instructor yelled at the students who had been awake for only two minutes in their dreams.
Judith suddenly lifted her hands, "She said, "Teacher, I know the answer." "The son of man came because he adores us." "Walking back to the board, the instructor reaffirmed outrageously. He wrote love in capital letters and returned to the student at the same pace. "When you have life, you have love, and when you have love, you have everything on this planet." The teens were once again perplexed.
To be continued.... Thank you

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