Majili (2019) - A Movie Review

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Hi fellas.. It's me with another one, this time, A Telugu romance movie. India is a country that's rich with many different regions, as well as many languages. Each one holds a different culture and style on their own, and let me present you what my thoughts were after watching this beautiful film, Majili.

Majili (2019) – India

My Rating 3.5/5


Movie Poster

Majili is an Indian movie released in 2019 in the language of Telugu with 154 minutes of running time. The movie was written and directed by the same person, Shiva Nirvana. Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Akkineni and Divyansha Kaushik are the leading roles of the movie. Majili is a story about a person who disappointed by love.


Our protagonist is Poorna who wants to be a cricket player, meets Anshu coincidently. Then they fell in love with each other. After some series of events, she takes him to a hotel room and makes him promise to stay until she comes back but she never returns. After that, it was the hardest time of his life. Years later, he is married to Sravani who has loved Poorna since school days. But Poorna is still a person who is obsessed with old memories and he still can’t forget Anshu. Will his life change?


The first half of the movie is entirely dedicated to showing the Poorna-Anshu love story and there is nothing new. Then enters Sravani and yeah exactly as I heard, she saved the movie! Majili means a part of a journey. So, as the name, this gives an emotional experience through love, pain, hope and sacrifice. Majili shows how love is important to someone and the fine line between love and pain. Sravani dedicated her life for him and loves him with all her heart but he never looks at her as his wife. Is it possible to love someone without expecting anything in return? Sravani’s character is so heart touching and she does everything for Poorna in the name of love!


The movie captures the beauty of the Vizag pleasingly. Several fighting sequences also included. Though the story is simple, it is great and enjoyable. But some happenings make the movie somewhat unrealistic. Basically, this romance can be enjoyed by who really loves Telugu cinema. So, welcome to see the Majili of Poorna and Sravani.


Majili Movie Trailer

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Beautiful my friend!!

Thanks Mate! 😃💖

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Thank You!!

Samantha is a crush of me once. And Naga Chaitanya and she is a real-life couple. A nice movie with a simple theme.