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Hello steemit friends , How are you?

Do you know about Sri Lankan King Coconut?

Today we plucked some king coconuts from our garden. You know friends, this mother earth gives us everything. It is a real miracle. We even have medicines from Earth. I believe if we discard junk foods and drinks from our life, we can reduce more diseases and control our healthy lives.


Have you ever heard about king coconut?
It is said this tree is endemic to Sri Lanka. However, king coconut water is so tasty. It is my favorite drink after fruit juice and water. This is one of our export drinks from Sri Lanka. There are so many advantages to drinking these natural drinks. if you cannot find this, don't worry. You can substitute coconut water for this. The taste may be different, but the values are the same.


Drinking king coconut or coconut water has excellent properties in cases of extreme fatigue and dehydration.

Coconut and king coconut water also contains the lauric acid found in breast milk, so it is said that orange water is better than formula. It is also beneficial for pregnant mothers to drink king coconut water.

Here is the king coconut tree from our garden


Another special quality of King coconut water is that it can maintain your skin. Young women in our country drink a king coconut glass in the morning to increase their beauty. This can cool your body.




This plant grows naturally without any fertilizer so it has maximum natural quality.

Coconut water as well as king coconut water can be used instead of saline in emergencies. These are also very good for kidney disease.

So, as I said before, we have to protect this environment that provides food, medicine, and everything. Always eat natural and nutritious foods. Stay healthy.

All these photos were taken by me. Hope you all like this post and get something to your healthy life.
Thank you.

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