TOTAL of 189 Subscribers verified on STEEM GEOGRAPHY - Today, 37 new subscribers verified! | List of users verified on July 24th

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189 Subscribers have been verified on STEEM GEOGRAPHY USERS VERIFICATION - Today, 37 new subscribers verified!

My dear Steemit community, almost 2 months ago I started with the new project for people to present themselves in this community with the goal of verifying their accounts, but due to personal reasons that have tight my schedule, I couldn't move on this tasks that I set to myself.

Week by week I'm giving steps forward, and nowadays we have 189 users verified!!

Today they are 37 new users with their corresponding label, and below you can see all the previous reports:

STEEM GEOGRAPHY USERS VERIFICATION || 32 Subscribers have been verified - July 16th

49 USERS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED - Steem Geography Community

[ENG - ESP] 71 Subscribers have been verified - STEEM GEOGRAPHY USERS VERIFICATION // 71 suscriptores han sido verificados -

LINK TO THE PROJECT: Present yourself on Steem Geography! 😊🌐

How you'll notice if one user has been verified in Steem Geography Community??

They should have the label:

Explorer from (the country wherein the steemian belongs)

Ex. "Explorer from Nigeria"

Below you can see the list, and as usual, some stats :)

List of Steem Geography users verified to July 24th

1@jlufer from Argentina
2@alvida from Bangladesh
3@iamjohn from Bangladesh
4@tangera from Bangladesh/England
5@mustafahabbli from Indonesia
6@saifan007 from Indonesia
7@irwandi from Indonesia
8@ridwant from Indonesia
9@kurza from Indonesia
10@saifuddin73 from Indonesia
11@jaspichman125 from Nigeria
12@shahidchoudary from Pakistan
13@melquiades01 from Venezuela
14@josephdaniela from Venezuela
15@juanmolina from Venezuela
16@betzaelcorvo from Venezuela
17@dulcem05 from Venezuela
18@edwinh1 from Venezuela
19@bettyvargas from Venezuela
20@noelguarisma09 from Venezuela
21@yri02 from Venezuela
22@jhanna18 from Venezuela
23@mayepariata from Venezuela
24@lachicarebelde from Venezuela
25@mayralejandravt from Venezuela
26@sonibermora from Venezuela
27@nellita66 from Venezuela
28@scarlety1 from Venezuela
29@belen06 from Venezuela
30@danicordellat from Venezuela
31@alanasteemit from Venezuela
32@erihomero from Venezuela
33@abrahamlucena more info to be verified
34@leon22 more info to be verified
35@bealau19 more info to be verified
36@steemart0 more info to be verified
37@arifps more info to be verified

Steem Geography Verified Users Chart

Having into account the 189 users verified, below you can see the distribution of where are they from. It doesn't matter in general, but due to this is Steem Geography Community, I find it very interesting to analyze.

Total of users verified on Steem Geography Comunity.png

Created on google Sheets.


Thanks a lot for being part of this community and for always being excited about the new ideas and contests that I share.

I'll be waiting for you and soon I'll share more verified users that have shared their presentation posts.

Have a wonderful day!





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Bienvenido a todos los nuevos miembros!!

Gracias amigo!!

Excelente trabajo amiga @belenguerra

Saludos y bendiciones.

Gracias amigo!!

miss please give me some tage give vote and support

Saludos y bendiciones @belenguerra

Hola Amiga @belenguerra, aun hay tiempo para hacer la presentación en Steem Geography

New Project: Present yourself on Steem Geography! 😊🌐

Buenas tardes amiga @belenguerra está es mi presentación espero poder ser verificada . Saludos y un gran abrazo.

Here is my presentation post in steem geography. But this is not verified. I get a curation to booming, but you didn't label me the explorer of pakistan
Present yourself on Steem Geography || 21-07-2021 || by @ahsansharif

Please label me. Thanks @belenguerra

Here is my presentation post in steem geography. But this is not verified and not a get any curation plz check my post Because my post is about to expire.

Entry Is Here:
Present yourself || Steem Geography || by @ramzanbaow

Hi my friend, there is a lot of people waiting

I know
And Thanks for label