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Hello steemians!

Today we ended week 1 in steem Sri Lanka contest series round 2. You did a great job in organizing a different and interesting contest @sandupi.

I am gonna announce the second contest in contest series round 2. This is the first contest I organize in steemit. So excited!

So here we go....



We all love steemit. So this time we decided to do something related to steemit. and it is
"My Dream Feature In Steemit"

While working with steemit sometime you may have felt that it's good if steemit have
this feature....
this feature...... So that it will make steemit more user friendly and attractive for you.

So here's your chance to write up your own ideas about what is your dream feature you like to see in steemit, but currently not available. It can be a new text editor, some animations, a clock etc

Convert your ideas into words....

What You Have to Do

Write about the feature you like to see in steemit

  • Describe the feature
  • Describe how you came up with this idea
  • Give reasons why you believe it is important to steemit and advantages
  • You can add sketches designs as you wish


  1. Write your own ideas
  2. Any langauge is accepted
  3. Plagiarism is not approved
  4. Use at least 300 words
  5. You can write about only one feature per entry
  6. One submission per person
  7. Make sure to post your entry in Steem Sri Lanka
    Mention me @madhumunasinghe so that I can check your post easily.
  8. Title should be My Dream Feature in Steemit| Steem Sri Lanka| Contest Series Round 2| week 2|"your topic"
  9. The post must include #mydreamfeature tag as one of the first five tags - ideally the first one.
  10. The post must also include a # tag to identify your country


First Place-10 steem
Second Place-8steem
Third Place- 5 steem
Forth Place-3steem
Fifth Place-2 steem
Sixth Place-2 steem
Seventh Place-2 steem

And participation prizes!!

Prize update

We are excited to announce new additional prizes for first five places,

from @steemcurator02 (4M SP)...

  • 1st = 50% upvote
  • 2nd= 40% upvote
  • 3rd = 30% upvote
  • 4th = 20% upvote
  • 5th = 10% upvote

These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% (and they are not powering down at the same time).
@neerajkr03 supported us with 10STEEM so that I'm planning to give participation prizes also and I have increased the prize value.

Judging Criteria

  • Creative thinking
  • Value of suggested feature
  • Presentation
  • Out of Box Thinking

Let's see how creative our steemians are......

I invite all of you to take part in this contest. We are looking forward to see your creative ideas. Good luck all!

Closing date- 5/12/2020, 8.00pm from Sri Lanka Time

I'm so happy to participate in "we love contest" concept of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

Thank you!!

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My Dream Feature In Steemit

Hmm.. interesting. I have also some dream features. So only one is allowed ha😁 Let me write it after December 1st.

So good luck with your very first contest😍

Soo good to hear @randulakoralage.Waiting for your enrty 😊.Hope this is gonna be an interesting one.
Thank you so much...❤️🇱🇰

I have two. But want to think the best one

Try the best one. You have a great IT knowledge right!! 😊❤️💪

A good one for your first contest! I think there will be many interesting ideas to see.
Well, now I have to think about what to right! Good luck!

Im soo excited as its my first contest.😊
I hope there will be good innovative ideas of our steemians..Think about a good Idea @damithudaya
Good luck 😊❤️🇱🇰

Wow! Nice theme 😍
Here's a chance to think about future of Steemit.

Of Course @anusha96 waiting for a good entry from you!!

You have been upvoted by @besticofinder,A Country Representative from SRI LANKA. we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and check the ongoing contests : Check here

Thank you for the support @steemcurator07

@belkisa758 thank you so much for the participation ☺️🇱🇰
Can you plz comment the link of this post under the main post.contest announcement!

#12th entry to the contest ☺️

A contest that includes creative thinking and out of the box thinking.
Quite quite great idea.
I have a lot of features in mind but let me think of the best now :p
Its not easy to choose one among many 😉
Expect my entry soon
Good luck for the contest young girl :)
Love from Pakistan❤️
#onepercent #pakistan

@haidermehdi Thank you so much for the support and greetings 😍

have a lot of features in mind but let me think of the best now :p

Present your best idea I'm waiting for your entry 😊😊

creative thinking and out of the box thinking.

This is the most important thing I think all the ideas gonna collect here will be a great support for future steemit.
Greetings from #srilanka 🇱🇰😍

This is my entry on another feature i wish to see on steemit that will make it look beautiful
My Dream Feature in Steemit| Steem Sri Lanka| Contest Series Round 2| week 2|"All Resteemed post should be rewarded"

@simonnwigwe Thank you for putting another entry but we concider only one entry from a person. it is in the rules.😊
Thank you again for showing good interest on the contest.
Good luck!

@hiramoni thank you for the participation but I would like to tell you that what you have write is not related to the topic so please check the procedure and change the topic and content
Change it accordingly
Thank you ☺️

In fact I misunderstood anyway thank you

Its fine @hiramoni try changing it

Hi @madhumunasinghe

It is an interesting contest.

I love technology, Steemit is one of my favorite blockchain platforms, and always excited to see interesting content related to it. I will also follow the hashtag #mydreamfeature to learn more about participants' dream features on Steemit.

I would like to offer 10 STEEM as an additional bonus prize for great ideas from my end. Please let me know if this is something possible?

Thank you!


@neerajkr03 Thank you so much for your great support ☺️❤️🇱🇰
I appreciate it a lot.
We are discussing to update the prize pool..
With your contribution
Thank you again and I inform the updates soon

Thank you!

@neerajkr03 I really appreciate your contribution to the contest with 10 steems ☺️❤️ . I updated the prize pool with 5,6,7 th places and also added participation prizes.
Thank you again!! ❤️☺️
Best regards

interesting contest you have here.

Ok, how do I participate
Am still kinda new

Yes you have to prepare a post my describing a feature that you love to see in steemit, but still not in steemit. Ex: I saw one member described about a chat box, and a view counter..

You can refer other entries too. And write about a feature you like to have in steemit. Try to comeup with a new idea😊

Use the format given in rules and use related hash tags in your post. Also don't forget to make your entry in this community 😊

How do I make entry into the community

Goto the community link :

Click on Post (If you are using a laptop it will show in right side)


@jafrey just follow these instructions ☺️👍


¡Buenas tardes! Excelente concurso, le das voz a los buena plataforma pero con algunos cambio seria excelente.

Aquí te traigo mi publicación :D

@raquelsiso1 ¡Hola amigo! entrada desde venusuzuela 😍

#2nd entry to the contest ☺️

Thank you very much! :D


Greetings! @chaalee ☺️❤️
Thank you for the entry

#3rd entry to the contest

Great Idea 😃❤️
Good luck @madhumunasinghe 🤗🤗 I have few points regarding with this 😍😍 I'll put my entry soon...

Thank you dear @sandupi 😊❤️ put your entrywith your best idea!! Good luck

Hola @madhumunasinghe.
I love the contests of the Steem Sri Lanka Community.
I like that you write the evaluation criteria!

I love the contests of the Steem Sri Lanka Community

Good to here that. We always try to give new topics that haven't already ttoughed. BTW Have you organized a contest before?🤔

Yes, I organized a contest called "letters to the wind".

We would place the theme of the letter.
In Spanish.
Words 100 min - 300 max.
But I work with literature professors and spelling mistakes were subtracting points. People write with many mistakes in Spanish.

Yes, I organized a contest called "letters to the wind".

Oh wow.. it is also a different idea🤩.. We also make mistakes 🤭🤭 My spellings are the wrost😅😅 But it doesn't matter until we express the idea correctly

In Spanish you can make many accentuation errors in words.
We have 6 personal pronouns and each verb is conjugated differently (declensions).

The jurors I invited are experts in literature and the errors lowered the scores.

The idea can be understood in a paragraph with spelling mistakes. But in the rules it said "good spelling will be taken into account".

¡Hola amigo! bienvenido al concurso ☺️❤️🇱🇰

#4th entry to the contest

Good theme for the creative people in here🤩 Good idea☺️

@dasuni . Think there will be a good collection of new ideas!! Looking for your entry too 😊❤️🇱🇰

Oh..this will be a great contest. Good luck!

Thank you @praveenw96 .Hope you will do an entry 😊😊

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@iamlynxie #6th entry to the contest

@josepha #7th entry to the contest

Hola @madhumunasinghe gracias por visitarme y dejarme esta invitación para este concurso bueno total fue que me llego y aqui esta mi post de concurso, espero que este dentro de las reglas


¡Hola amigo! entrada desde venusuzuela
@zhanavic69 its the #8th entry to the contest ☺️

Hola @madhumunasinghe, me he animado a participar en tu concurso, felicitaciones porque es una gran iniciativa o idea. Saludos y buenos deseos para ti. MiEntrada/link/My Dream feature in Steemit



@tanhunter254 Thank you for the participation its the #9th entry to the contest ☺️❤️🇱🇰

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Thank you so much @trufflepig for the support

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Hi @madhumunasinghe , my entry is here😃❤

nice idea! and this will help the steemit team as they can have a feedback from their users on what is lacking with the current system. may be.
good luck with the contest 😍

Yes!! I think these feed backs will be a great support for steemit team for making future updates inthe platform @sandu 😊❤️💪

@sandun98 #10th enrty to the contest 😊❤️🇱🇰

@charjaim thank you so much for your entry.
Its the #14th entry to the contest.☺️❤️

Hi @madhumunasinghe I really appreciate your invitation....expect my entry soon

My pleasure 😊. Of course !!

@slwzl Greetings! #15th entry to the contest
Thank you for the participation ☺️

Hola! Excelente iniciativa, así ya se van recolectando nuevas ideas para mejorar la plataforma. Aquí esta mi participación:

@luiyi-22 #16th entry to the contest
Thank you for your entry ☺️❤️

I want to appreciate the group and organisers of this contest. Here is my entry
My Dream Feature in Steemit| Steem Sri Lanka| Contest Series Round 2| week 2|"Help Desk For New Members"

@simonnwigwe #5th entry thank you so much for the participation ☺️❤️🇱🇰