Fiveouncefriday - 5 oz Silver Antique Round - Hobo Nickel (Jefferson Skull)

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Happy Friday amazing peeps 😉

I bet ya'll looking forward to the weekend as much as I do 😜 lol... Finally free!

Here is my choice for #fiveouncefriday by the sweet @silverd510 ❤️

5 oz Silver Antique Round - Hobo Nickel (Jefferson Skull)

  • Contains 5 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Individual rounds come in a capsule along with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Mintage of only 1,000 rounds.
  • Obverse: Features the Jefferson Skull Scroll along with the date, designer's initial, In God We Trust and Liberty are the only remaining devices left from the original coin.
  • Reverse: Depicts Mini-Man & Train originally engraved in 2014. All of the original inscriptions are left intact.
  • Edge-marked with a unique mint number matching the certificate of authenticity.

5 oz is heavier than you might think and its a special feeling to hold a huge beast like this in your hand 😜 lol



Have a blessed weekend!

Be kind to each other and remember to be YOU🥰


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋


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You can package that bad boy up and send to me right now. 😁

Love the hobo nickels.

Tons of hugs🤗🥰🌹❤️🤗🥰

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😁 LMAO..
Yupp ofcourse I pack it down and ship right to ya 📦🔜📭 might open it and find a 🐸 😁lol
The Hobo nickles are badass and Im proud of it.

Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend and much love to You 🤗🌹❤️🤗

Very cool Hobo Nickel 💪
I just saw @kerrislravenhill's post about 5 ounce Friday...

I think I'm going to hop in on this 🤔

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Yes I love my Hobo nickel beast 😜 heavy beauty and incredleble details.
You should definitly join in 😉👍
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🌹

Damn Safffi, you do not mess around. I love the hobo nickle rounds I've seen and this one is no different. It's got all my favorite features, edge lettering, blackening, skull, train.... Really a perfect round.

I may have to bite the bullet and pay the premium for one of these.

Also love seeing the bejeweled SSG logo. 💖💎💎💎💖

Have a great weekend @saffisara.

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True... I don't mess around 😜 when it comes to silver I mean buissness.. Lol
I agree with you as I love the edge lettering on those breasts to 😉👍 and a skull always works right?
Glad you like it and I hope you get one yourself my friend 😜👊

I love ssg and proud to use the bejeweled logo... Thank you for letting us 🙏 have a wonderful weekend and Thank you for all you do.
Much love 🤗❤️🤗

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Very nice Hobo silver, @saffisara! keepgoing, sis.
Have a wonderful day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙, lots of love and hugs 🤗

Im glad you like it, truly one of my favorite silver and different from other coins... Love Antique look on coins.

Have a wonderful weekend sweet Sister and I hope you are doing well 🤗🌹❤️🤗 Much Love and Hugs

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Yes, @saffisara, there is nothing like holding 5 ounces or even more in your hand! Very nice chunk of silver you have there. Thanks for sharing and have a great evening!🤗🤗🌺

Right? Heavy 5 oz feels amazing to hold 😉✋
Glad you liked it, truly is a BIG favorite of mine and not The easiest to come across 😊

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Much love 🤗❤️🌹


You don't see too many five Oz Silver rounds, and especially a nice one like this!🤗

So True and this was my very first 5 oz and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it 😜 have the fairy to and hope to grow this collection to... They are just so unique and badass.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Much love 🤗🌹

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Awesome my friend, there are not very many five Oz Silver rounds !!!🤗
Take care and have a fantastic Sunday my friend!!😀

Lovely Hobo silver @saffisara👌 keep stacking, you're amazing 🙏🥰

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Wicked cool hobo sweets!