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Greetings to all musicians of this great community. I also appreciate the effort of the those that are behind the success of this community
I appreciate the effort of the organizer, all curators and viewers of this community.

I am a musician and that is what I do for living, so my song is a about a meeting with a little girl who shared her experience.
Let's see how it goes


I was going down the street one day
I saw this little girl by the roadside
She was sitting on the floor, crying in her hands
What could make a little one so sad?
So I stood a moment by her side
And I tried to clean away her tears
Baby cry no more, wipe away your tears
Tell me what is on your mind
And she said, "Where is Papa gone?
Where is Mama gone?
Where is Rori gone my friend?
Where's my brother gone? Everybody's gone"
The little baby cried and cried
So I cleaned away all her tears
Shared a joke and then let her talk
In her little child voice she told a story
Now I'm the one who's shedding tears

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