Slow it Down ~ New Music!

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Welcome to my Songwriting world and an exclusive new track ~ SLOW IT DOWN

I'm only uploading a 1 minute snippet of the song which I recorded live this weekend.
'Slow it Down' has been recorded by me, then mixed and mastered by the incredibly talented @davidfar Davood Faramarzi.
I'm so glad we connected 3 years ago and continue to collaborate on different projects.
He just KNOWS how my songs should sound, like we're somehow, musically connected beings of another creative world.

SLOW IT DOWN – 23-01-2021

Verse 1 Em – G -D - C

Wondering lately, I’ve been taking,
time to process how I’m feeling now,
just Slow it Down
Thoughts are racing
round the circuits of my headspace
are they worth it how, do I slow them down?

Verse 2 Am – C- G – D

Reaching out to perfect strangers,
they won’t judge you, tell you lies or how,
to cope right now.
wondering lately, round in circles,
back to basics, and I’ve found them where,
a place to share.


It is all of us, only just because.
Empathy at last and forgiveness
Learning as we grow, let your feelings show
Take some time for you
What you’re going through


Slow it down
what you care about lately, care about lately
Slow it down
can you tell me what changes, tell me what changes now?

Repeat Verse 1 – Chorus x2 END

All Music and Lyrics copyright © 2021 DARREN CLAXTON



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Thank you so much Darren, you are so talented man. \m/ It's great to work with you. :)

Thanks man!
Really appreciate it bro.

Likewise bro!