Get up to 2 JUICY votes / Week - Music For Steem 🎵

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Hi musical gifted Steemians!

This post is to remind you that you can get up to 2! votes a week from the Steemits Boosting accounts! We select 5 posts every day to receive a nice EXTRA vote!

music for steem.jpeg

So let the beast out, drink some honey, and start learning those songs. Its quarantine, you got literally nothing else to do :D

If you like, you can always make more music, (like our fingerstylish friend from the south-east), but you (not obligatory, conditions may apply) get up to 2 votes a week.

Spread the word, share the good vibes.

Always yours


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Thanks very much, I have some Ghanaian Guys who are good and they are all in steemit platform, I will tell them to join soon.

Thanks very much for the support!

Genial mano, activo siempre con la música!

EXCELENTE seguiremos dándole PLAY !!

This is so great! Thanks for the support to all musicians! Lets keep making music😍

Saya memiliki beberapa genre di musik, saya bernyanyi, solo gitar dan fingerstyle, dan saya berasal dari Asia tenggara. Ini kesempatan buat semua seniman musik untuk mengeluarkan kemampuan suaranya

Excelente sigamos haciendo música. Saludos desde Venezuela.

What a beautiful incentive... I'd almost forgotten about my guitar there : ) ... It's great to see a community of musicians and music lovers once again...