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Hi Friends & Fans,

due to personal circumstances, we haven't been able to be on Steemit for several days. Therefore we couldn't listen and engage with the artists, the community.

We want to give the fullest respect and our undivided attention.

Because of this, there will be no announcement of finalists or a winner this week.

The competition continues on MONDAY the 21st of SEPTEMBER and artists can submit their songs for WEEK 14 from NOW, until Monday. The finalist announcement will be Tuesday 21 September, Winners on Wednesday 22 September.

Our excuses for this inconvenience and thanks for the heartwarming words, Ciska is doing OK!

We also did not reward the winners of week 13 yet, this will be sorted asap


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Hope you are all okay.

How many people are in the Music For Steem team now?

Hi Steemit! Yes we are ok, my grandmother passed away last week and I had to go back to Holland for some time.

At the moment, it is only me and Tom (and you guys as I can see :) Thank you for the support for the musicians.


Hi @ciska, sorry to hear about your grandmother. Our condolences to you and your family.

Hope when you are ready you are able to continue with @musicforsteem. Will you be recruiting any more people to help run it?

As we now have more voting power, we can resume giving votes for winners again.

We are also voting on music performance posts as we see them come in to encourage the growth of music on Steem.

The Steemit Team

Music lovers are continuously gracing us with their talent here on steemit. At times I don't really understand the music but the tone of an artist can be soo nice that it does not really matter.

I am looking forward to the continuation of the music week contest here on music for steem.

Thanks a lot for the support. I don´t understand it either but I understand nice melodies! We keep going!

No problem! I understand this matter, we all have a personal life and we all have problems! but I have a question, do I have to record another video again?

many greetings and thanks for the notice

Thanks for your understanding Jen! Loves

Excelente! No hay problema! Buenas vibras!!

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Hi chica! We love to hear more from you!!!

Thanks for the prompt information. No problem associated with this little amendment to the schedule!

You are most welcome!

Good initiative

Thanks, I love coffee too

Hola amigos, esta es mi participación para la semana 14



We love you too

will miss the contest till next week now.



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Welcome back.


Hello. Can anyone help me? I published my post in Twitter but I don't know where can I leave the link of my entry for this week? It's my first one in this contest and I'd like to know then. Regards.

Hi, you can just post in the music for steem community! Or use the #musicforsteem!
The link to your Twitter post can be under your own post in a comment!

Thanks for your interest!

@musicforsteem ,,, it is seen that many of the participants have already posted for week 15.. but week 14 is not finished yet.. in this circumstances what Will you do? Would you consider them for the next week 15 or this week 14?

@ciska I think You have noticed it.

Hi yes I think it is confusing! Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

We are back and live (should) be normal again!
I make a post later tonight with the winners announcement and we do it like it should from week 15!

Week 14 will be announced today!
Sorry for the hassle

Is anyone here still using this bot? The Reviews are good on Chrome, but the written part of the Review shows that it is not easy to figure out. I feel like I am missing something, but it could be broken.

How to join this im new pleas tell me about this

You can check other posts from Music For Steem! It is explained in the community too https://steemit.com/@musicforsteem