Music For Steem 🎵 - Valentine Special - 44 Artists sing over 60 Songs!

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Hi music lovers of the Steem blockchain!

No less than 44, yes forty-four artists have made at least 1 song for the Valentine Special. We listened with a lot of enthusiasm to over 60 songs. I felt the love for sure.

musicforsteem (3).png

In 3 days, the Valentine special ends so if you are musical, we still LOVE to hear your song!

On the 14th of February, we will announce which songs impressed us the most. Stay Tuned

The 44 beautiful artists:


Thanks a lot, you are all wonderful

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Yeaaaaah 44! So happy to be in that list! Btw i just posted my last entry in this amaizing contest! The song isncalled: Break My Heart

Here it is the link:

Valentine Special Entry - Break My Heart Cajon Cover

Hope you all enjoy it!😍🔥

Felicitaciones por este canal dedicar supauta al Valentine Special

Seguimos disfrutando de esta temporada para los enamorados y amantes de la buena música.



Este especial me ha encantado y seguimos disfrutando porque vamos por más en medio de las dulces melodías...

cual es el discord de #musicforsteem

saludos a todos, compartan el link de discord :D

who won ?