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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of the Steem blockchain. For several weeks we could listen to the most romantic songs, performed by our own amazing Steemians. Now, the time has come, the verdict is here.

If you didn't know, we had SEVENTY artists participating in the world's largest musical event on the entire web.

valentine special.png

In the past 48 hours, you all had the time to cast your vote, we counted them, and here are the results!

For this special occasion, we have 3 winners who share the prize of SEVENTY STEEM, to celebrate the 70 wonderful artists that have participated!

WINNER 🥇 1: @alegriatube12 - MOST COMMUNITY VOTES

Children are the fruit of love. So we are happy you got the most votes from the community :)

WINNER 🥇 2: @mercy11 - JURY VOTES

Second in community votes and the jury loved it too! AMAZING

WINNER 🥇 3: @fendie - The biggest contributor prize

Nearly daily we can enjoy the fast fingers of our friend from Aceh, so this HAD to be rewarded! Thanks


We will make a post soon to start a new event. If you have an idea of a theme already, let us know in the comments below!

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Thank you so much for the recognition 😊

Felicidades a los ganadores! 😁✌️
Vamos por más...

Felicitaciones a los ganadores... vamos por más!

Congratulations to all the winner

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes y en especial a los ganadores @alegriatube12, @mercy11, @fendie.

Congratulations @mercy11 very happy to see you among the winners. Best wishes for your continued achievements in music.
#onepercent #venezuela

Thank you soo much for the support always. :)

Felicitaciones a los felices ganadores de esta edición especial del día del amor y la amistad.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️


I think i missed out on this, how am I going to get my groove back, awwwwww

Felicidades, Felicitaciones lindas presentaciones

I hope to be able to join one of these contests.

Bellas presentaciones musicforsteeem

Hi. I don't know what is this week number. Can you tell it me please? 😁😁

Many more beautiful brothers go ahead and good luck to you