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Hello Everyone! Today I'm going to share a delicious recipe with you. It's not any typical Bangladeshi food. It’s mainly a Korean food that is Ramen. Though, the people of Japan, Chaina are fond of this food item.


So Let's start the detailed recipe to prepare Spicy Korean Chicken Ramen.



  • Buldak Ramen ( 1 packet)
  • Spice ( Included in the package)
  • Spicy 2x Sauce ( Included in the package)
  • Chicken (100 gm)
  • Capsicum (1 pc)
  • Egg ( 1 pc)
  • Cheese (25 gm)

Cooking Process

Step 1


  • At first, I bought spicy chicken breast piece from CP. You can buy a chicken & marinate with various types of spices manually.
  • Then I took the cheese out of fridge & kept it open for 30 minutes to make it softer.


  • Now I took an egg & boiled it in the water for 10 minutes.

Step 2


  • In this step, I sliced the capsicum into small pieces and cut the chicken in medium size and separated the bones.


Step 3


  • Now It's time to start cooking ramen. Firstly, I took a saucepan and put 300 ml water into it. I waited until the water to be hot enough.

Step 4


  • Then I unpacked the buldak ramen's packet & took the noodles & left it on the boiled water of the pan. After a while it became soften and swell


Step 5


  • It's time to add spices & sauce which is one of the main ingredients to cook Spicy Ramen. The spices & sauce was provided with the ramen noodles

Step 6


  • In this step, I gradually put the spices in the pan. Then, I stirred the ramen to let the spices mix well.

Step 7


  • Now, It's spicy sauce's part. As It's 2x spicy sauce, I used only half of the sauce as It's not an healthy option to put the whole sauce.
  • Similiar to the previous process, I left the sauce on the top of the ramen & mixed it well.

Step 8


A random selfie while cooking


  • Now, I left the boneless chickens on the ramen.
  • As I cooked chicken flavoured ramen, that's why I used chickens. You can add shirmp or beef to make it more tasty if you want.

Step 9


  • Gradually, I added capsicum in the ramen. It's not a mandatory choice to use capsicum. But it really enhance the taste of the food

Final Step


  • Our Spicy Chicken Ramen cooking is almost finished. As the last step, I added sliced cheese to increase the taste. You can avoid this item if you want.
  • After mixing all of these, I stirred everything again so that every single item mixes perfectly.



Thus I've prepared tasty chicken flavoured spicy ramen. To be frank, it is very much spicy & many people can't take this amount of spices in their food. But as I'm a spice lover, I enjoyed the food very much. If you are a spice lover, you should try preparing this item for at least once.


A selfie with Ramen

Some Nutrition Facts About This Food

This ramen contains sodium that will help replenish the salts of our body loses due to dehydration.

It contains Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), a petroleum industry byproduct that is used as a food additive. It is also very high in sodium, calories, and saturated fat, both of which are potentially harmful to a person's health. source

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