HOW TO DEFI | by CoinGecko. OK guys, listen up☝🏻here comes a great opportunity if ...

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... you are interested in getting knowledge about DeFi (Dezentralized Finance) for FREE✨🚀👊🏼
Maybe you heard of already, it's a online service where you can track cryptocurrencies.
They have since some days now their reward campaign called 'My candies' live in beta.
Here is how it works. You sign up on and you see in the top right of the website and app a candy jar. Clicking on it you can collect every day your candies. As I am anyway checking daily the prices for my favorite coins, I collected 620 candies (which, by the way, can be seen as tokens) It took me 13days, checking in and collecting every day, to get 620 candies.
Now it's getting exciting👊🏼
I checked out the reward shop and saw that I can redeem the ebook 'How to DeFi' for 600 candies.
After redeeming I got a code that I can use to download the copy from the CoinGecko website and by the way, this copy costs usually $14,99.
Now for just clicking every day on the candy jar, collecting the tokenized candies on an app that I anyway use every day multiple times, I saved myself $15 and get some great knowledge about DeFi.
If you are interested, start now to collect and get your copy asap. There have been just 60 codes available to be redeemed, well since an hour just 59 are left😉
You are welcome legends🤙🏻


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Can’t thank you enough to have, I just got my 10+ candies for today. However, I would love to have the ebook on how to DeFi, that’s if it’s sendable. Thank you.🙌🏾🙌🏾

you are wecome bro👊🏼let me know when you got it🤙🏻

Yeah)) Although I meant if you could send your downloaded version via mail, I would appreciate 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

ahhhh now I get it🤙🏻sorry didnt read it right. sure thing, let me check and I'll let you know👊🏼

Okay good. “” is my email though, thank you.



My coingecko shirt coming soon 😜

niiice🤙🏻, got the shirt from them last year as a present. it has a really good quality, you will like it👊🏼

I’m in ... just catched +10 candies today 🤩✨🙏🏿! Thanks for sharing it:)!

you are welcome my friend👊🏼that's the way we all come further and get experts in what we love anyway🤙🏻have a great day, greetings to Hamburg

Thanks for sharing this information!

you are welcome, thanks for stopping by👊🏼

Every time I see that DEFI hype, I keep thinking - is this good enough, is this a "real thing" , to drive me away from old-good BTC hodling ? I must be hopeless conservative, or what? In the whole ICO hype era I took only one single purchase, the APPICS tokens. Which 3 yr later still trades at the 1/5 of its ICO price. Now DEFI? I think I'll skip it...

And when I see word "FREE"- my mind always reads "free cheese" :)

well, you have to "work" - collect to tokens, to get it for free, so technically your earn it😉

I know what you mean, but as the topic is memtionend briefly as well in the book I am curretlly reading, i thought it can't be wrong getting this ebook on my ipad to have something to dive into after finishing the other🤙🏻let's see, new fields for me too🤙🏻

Crypto hacks by hauptmann 😍

you're welcome🙌🏼

Wow, I go there quite often as well!! Im definitely going to check this out, I Love Candy, lol! 🍬 Thanks for the info and have an awesome day! 👍😁

I just signed up and collected 10 candies, I love the Shirt , I will save up for that first!

This is so cool. Thanks for this ☺️

Haha! Nice! I got the book earlier when it was freeee!😁😁 Read it almost to the back cover😅😁😋.