The truth is often painful and unpleasant

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The truth is often painful and unpleasant,
and many do not want to hear it.
Truth is like a rose full of thorns, that give
you pain when you ger stabbed, and it hurts
when you face it and accept it.
No one wants to hear the Pure Truth, why?
Because it hurts too much and picks up illusions
and requires some change.

Only strong enough can he bear the truth.
Because it is certainly easier to continue with
illusions, it is easier to believe that everything
is good, exactly as it is.

It is all within us, we know.

And we don’t have to look for gurus, no,
because we’re all our own master!
And we don’t have to look for guides, no,
because we are our own leader!

You are helped by the one who directs you
inwards, the one who reminds you who you are.

Never ask for something that only you can give
You are your own master and guru.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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