Achievement Unlocked: Earn the @SteemFlagRewards Community Moderator Steempeak Badge! 🚩🔥

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    This post was going to be a rallying cry but I noticed that it appears our badge has been made active. I will point out that I had chosen the coveted loopback IP address as it's number.

What I didn't realize is how suiting that decision was but it was pointed out by @saboin


Thanks you @Steempeak for this feature.

It's a good way to boost morale not to mention foster camaraderie. That's a win.

    Our "rag tag" band of users defending our blockchain from spam, plagiarism and every manner of abuse under the sun stand at the ready to continue the fight. We will continue to facilitate SFR to be the technological force multiplier and demonstration of what we are capable when we unite under one purpose. Wear your badge with honor, my friends!

    To receive your badge, all you need to do is follow @badge-127001. I will be developing a script to cross-reference your account to our flag database. If you had submitted a flag that has been approved by the SFR mod team, congratulations. The badge is yours. You earned it!

     We know the adversity that is faced in our daily struggles to preserve some modicum of fairness with how rewards are distributed. I hope the badge will serve as a representation of that principle. I remember @ned mentioning how fairness concerning rewards and sweat equity were characterized as a sort of pipe dream in one of his livestreams.

Well, Ned, I have something to say to that...

     On the contrary, even in our limited capacity, we have demonstrated that it is possible with the right system in place to support the right motive. Negative curation, although a vital part of our ecosystem is not without it's risks but we assume that risk to make a difference.

Although, we are but a drop of water in a larger bucket.

     Let's not underplay the fact of that even one drop causes ripples which, in turn, reverberate throughout the larger body.

     Even if it's a little minnow flagging a copy / paste artist or one of our ally Orcas / Whales taking a spin artist to task. People take note.

     If you really sit down and think about it, we are solving a prevalent problem in a very novel way. That's not me tooting my own horn so to speak but I see what we do and know what we are capable of.

    We just haven't had the opportunity to really shine with the brilliance that we could be had we proper resources to fully realize the potential.

    Indeed, legacy social media is sparring with the issue of moderation and accountability. What if our modest proof-of-concept on the Steem blockchain caught the eye of someone like Mark Zuckerberg. I wrote an relevant article not too long ago.

    He has already assented to the value of community governance / moderation over traditional models so perhaps this is a gap we can strive to fill together.

Let's show them all the value a tokenized moderation system brings to the table!

     Your support goes to reward mod approved downvotes against content that meets our criteria for abuse.


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I'm honoured to wear this badge, but this clip is obligatory.


You mad lad you.

@anthonyadavisii, Good to know that you are putting this Badge Feature in Productive Use. And hope that you and team will continue this Project effectively because in my opinion every effort to make this Blockchain original and truly niche based, Spam should be stopped. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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It looks beautiful. Now everyone flag flag flag so you can get those badges while they are hot.


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