Hope you bought the dip! I'm calling it, the lows are in

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Hope you bought the dip out there in something today!

Bitcoin was on sale today for $45k, HIVE was $.17 (yea 17 freakin cents), LEO was around $.50 and just about every other altcoin was down over 20% on the day.

Hope you did some shopping.

I have a feeling that we saw the lows today in just about everything.

I don't base it on any scientific reasoning other than the fact that it seemed pretty irrational.

We had bitcoin down 10% and altcoins down 20-30%, on basically no news.

Sure we had some comments from Janet Yellen, but I don't think that had much to do with anything, she was just saying things she's already said.

I'm seeing a double bottom on the bitcoin chart:


(Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/izdPbdIE-This-is-why/?offer_id=10&aff_id=5962)

This double bottom and rebound in bitcoin likely pulls up the altcoins as well.

Since bitcoin pulled em down, it should help em bounce as well.

It's too bad that tether news had to come out on a day like today because I think that was really great news for crypto.

I'm talking about the Tether settlement with the NYAG for $18.5 million news:


This was a huge win for crypto in that Tether only had to pay a small fine, and basically gets to continue operating, just not in NY.

Plus they will be more transparent going forward with the filings, which is also good.

If this news had come out on Sunday, we would have cleared $60k easily, oh what a difference a few days makes in crypto!

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So far looks like the lows are indeed in.

If that tether news came out when bitcoin was rallying it would be way higher right now.

hahaha I wish I bought the dip! I bought the highs the week before. No more extra money to invest until March, haha.

Yea I hear you, I didn't have much available for it either. Though I picked up a few.