I agree with Jim Cramer, GameStop needs to buy Bitcoin

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Buy Buy Buy!

Jim Cramer has long been a bitcoin fan and now he's pushing GameStop to become one too.

Following the trends of other publicly traded companies like MSTR, TSLA, and SQ Jim Cramer is calling for GME to sell some stock and use it to buy GameStop shares.



(Source: https://twitter.com/jimcramer/status/1364710311266312196)

Unlike AMC, GameStop hasn't sold any shares while it stock price was going crazy.

But now, GME is getting another change.

It's stock recently woke up again and is trading for $150 a share again.

A massive surge in the last couple days:


(Source: https://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui)

Not only is Cramer telling them to buy bitcoin with debt, he's also telling them to start allowing games to be purchased online with bitcoin.

And also do some contests that pay out bitcoin to the winners at the store locations.

All sorts of gems from Cramer coming out today involving bitcoin and GME!

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