Still waiting to see who's the next major company to buy Bitcoin

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I thought we might see some new comers announce they bought bitcoin this past week, no luck so far

Perhaps I was a little too optimistic thinking another company would buy into bitcoin this past week, or perhaps I was just a little naive in how they would announce it.

No large publicly traded companies announced they bought bitcoin in the last week, but that doesn't mean they didn't buy it.

So far we have this:



There's been some other smaller ones and others listed overseas, but as far as US publicly traded companies, these are the big boys.

Getting back to what I mentioned above, there may have been some new entrants as well, we just don't know about it yet.

Both TSLA and SQ didn't announced their bitcoin purchases but instead waited to disclose those positions on their earnings releases.

I would assume many other companies will do the same.

With earnings season winding down, we may have to wait a few months to see the most recent bitcoin purchases if they wait to disclose on their next earnings release, that or perhaps they file directly with the SEC on their purchase which may also take a few weeks from the date of purchase.

The coming months should reveal some new names and I can't wait to see who it is, by the way the contest is still open if you guess the next buyer correctly!

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Very good news friends ,, good luck always @jondoe

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