This just in, "Bitcoin could make up 1% of your portfolio!" - JPMorgan Banksters

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I don't know where to begin with these guys

Firs they hate it, then they really hate it, then they are firing people who want to participate in it, then they are creating their own coin, then they are saying it could go to $130k, then they are saying that it can't possibly go above $40k any time soon.

Well now they are saying that a 1% allocation to bitcoin could actually make a lot of sense.

Hmm, you don't say?!

Yep, they do say, they are only like 3 years late to the party:



I don't remember the sources or who exactly did em now, but I remember reading multiple reports back in 2017 that talked about the optimal risk adjusted portfolio had something like a 2-6% allocation to bitcoin, depending on risk tolerance.

This was while JPM was saying bitcoin had no place anywhere.

Now, their analysts finally get off their arses, do their own models and come to the conclusion that perhaps a 1% allocation makes a lot of sense.

Sure, it's a bit low but at least they came around, sort of.

My only question when I see reports like that suggesting you put 1% of your portfolio into bitcoin is where do I put the other 99%?


Nope they got crushed today, all of em.


Nope, those have been getting crushed for years.


Nope, crushed today as well.

The dollar?

Nope, it loses roughly 2% a year and probably going to get worse.

So, where to I put the other 99% JPM?

Go Michael Saylor style and HAM it all into bitcoin and ride or die with it. After all, money's only something you need in case you don't die tomorrow.

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lol yeah, I bet there will still be a fair amount of flip-flopping in the investment world over Bitcoin. Any time there is a dip. Good grief. Just adopt it already! haha

These guys are the worst.


Banksters pay billions in fines every year for breaking rules yet no one talks about banning the banks.

lol so true!

I just don´t understand why "Deutsche Bank" still is a bank....
If they were a human being, they would have been sent to prison for 200 years.
But when you´re juist big enough, you´re too big to fail.

And that´s what they know and did by purpose! Getting so fucking big that they cannot fail...

I hate them.

Yep, a lot of banks in a similar situation. And yet bitcoin is the villain...

It´s from one day to another... they change their mind like others change their underwear.

If you ask me its also tactical. If they are invested, its great.
If they want to invest, its bad so its getting down.
And very often they simply just dont understand whats going on.
They are old fashioned and will pay someday the price for that.

“ After all, money's only something you need in case you don't die tomorrow.” I hadn't heard this sentence yet, I like it. If I remember correctly someone from JP MORGAN said that BITCOIN was worth zero. Now they have changed their minds.

It's very true.