Fill our hearts with beautiful moments and memories

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I had a beautiful day today, it was sunny and good vibes surrounded me all day. Nature is waking up and it is so beautiful, the sun is warming us, I am grateful and happy for this day.

We are all one sentient unique being and we are a creation of nature. Let's work on our personality, love ourselfs , exactly the way we are.

However, if we want to change something about ourselves, we can do it, because we have all the tools for that.

But if we like each other, and nothing bothers us so far and we like ourself, then let's just enjoy, take every beautiful moment that we experience and imprint it deep in the memory of the heart.

We fill our hearts with beautiful moments and memories and you know what will happen if we do that? I tell you that everything will miraculously change around us and wonderful, beautiful things will happen on their own and we will feel loving and beautiful.

Everything we sow and give of ourselves comes back to us, like reflection in a mirror.


Image: photography from my LG Q7

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