Without eny expectations

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We can live our life easily, without eny expectations and without some weight.

I learned to live for now, for this moment, I am here. I adapt to the situations given to me in the moment or in the day. I used to anticipate, plan, analyze everything, I kept looking at clock, what time it was and forgot to surrender to enjoy time, I basically wondered about everything I did, wondering how much time I had, how much time I would take to eat, to sleep, to work, just to i would do everything at the right time.

Yes, I was younger, I wanted to do everything at the right time, and above all I put emphasis on what others expect from me, how I will be praised by others and that they will be satisfied with my work.

Life is here and now, one day I stopped and said stop, that's enough, I changed my mind pattern, I listened to myself, what do I want, how do I experience things and start turning them to my advantage.

Life is one, it takes place here and now, there are no corrections. That is why we live it to make our soul and ourselves comfortable.

Image: photography from my LG Q7

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