Wedding Reception Stage - Peacock Feather

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Wedding Reception Stage

The reception stage is used in Indian wedding for guest/relative photo shoot with bride and groom to remember the presence of all in memories. I have many times join this occasion. Today i have presented one reception stage from many of them, those i have in my wedding collection. This stage theme is peacock feather. Hope you will find some relation in this stage with theme.

Stage front view

Stage left view

Views with different lights effects and angles



My previous post link of same wedding, in which i have shown you welcome/entry gate at wedding function.


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Wedding Stage Steeming

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Great as always.

Thanks @impressions. Your welcome.

Nice article, dream weeding like paradise, i like it.

Yes, Thanks @adminssane.

आपकी शादी की तैयारियाँ बहुत खूबसूरत हैं।