Boku no Hero Academia (My hero Academia) - Dabi

in hive-160196 •  3 months ago 

the main caracters in this anime is :
Izuku Midoria
Toshinori Yago
Katsuki Bakugo
Shôto Todoroki

Izuku Midoria use the power name 'One for All'
this power can be transferes from person to other and Izuku was Noraml human without any power but he like his Example the hero number one Toshinori Yago "All might" the hero number one and he also use this power.
All might meet Izuku Midoriya and he decide to give him this power "One For All"

i will finish thi story very soon but i let you with my drawing Dabi "One for Bad guys in this anine

Dabi use the Blue Fire to fight with people


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